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Camp Casperson

Camp Casperson offers primitive tent camping on Bear Pond in Hopatcong, NJ.
Directions to Camp
Camp Casperson - Lock Combination 0270
Huron Trial
Hopatcong, NJ 07843

From Route 80 - follow to Route 15 North.
Continue Route 15 North to Woodport/Lake Forest exit - Route 181
Continue route 181 North for 1.7 miles to Prospect Ave (near Hectors North Shore Inn, Harringtons Mattress)
Turn Left on Prospect Ave/County Route 609
Continue on Prospect Ave/County Route 609 (Also Northwood Rd.) for 3 miles.
Make a Hard Right onto Mohawk Trail #2 - watch for the Y, take the right arm onto Huron Trail.
Watch for boarded up brown building on right. Turn Left onto Bear Pond Rd.
Continue on Bear Pond Road to bottom (brown & cream garage), stay right to Casperson Lane to very small parking lot just past camp enterance.

Please keep vehicles to a minimum, as there is very little parking.
Huron Trail
Hopatcong, New Jersey 07843

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08:00 AM
11:00 PM

06:00 PM
02:00 PM


Camp Use Policy Back to Top
  • ROSTERS - must be presented at check-in. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • LEADERSHIP - A minimum of two adult leaders must be present at all times during your attendance at our camps.
  • CAPACITIES - Cabin capacity limits are strictly enforced. Bring tents if you exceed the cabin limits.
  • FEES - Capacities are strictly enforced. Your reservation cost is based upon the estimated number of participants you entered. When you check in, the actual cost will be calculated, and any over capacity fees will be assessed. Cabin and Lean To overages will be charged at the tent site rate of $3.50 per person per night. Fees are due at check-in.
  • LEAVING CAMP - If you leave the main part of camp for a hike, please let us know your route and estimated return time. Check back in. Do not trespass on private land without permission from the landowner.
  • FIRST AID KIT - must be easily available.
  • GUIDE TO SAFE SCOUTING - The guide is available at
  • POLICIES - Our camp policies are available at
  • VEHICLES - Vehicles are only allowed in designated areas of the camp. Please contact camp directly with any special requests.
  • PROHIBITED ITEMS - Snowmobiles, Motorcycles, Generators, Pets, Fireworks, Firearms, personal Bows and arrows, Chain saws, Sheath knives, Hunting, Gambling, Kerosene heaters, electric heaters, propane heaters, Tobacco, Alcohol, Hot-plates or lanterns are not allowed in cabins or buildings.
  • COOKING/FIRES/FUELS - see the camp policy book at
  • ICE - Check with the campmaster/ranger on ice conditions - all ice is off limits unless notified by the campmaster/ranger.
  • FISHING - permitted from the shore of our camp lakes. Complete rules are available at check-in. No fishing allowed in the swimming areas. State law requires a fishing license.
  • ACCIDENTS - Each group will assume responsibility for any accident or injury to group members or the equipment of their group. Inform the campmaster/ranger in case of accident or injury. Notify campmaster/ranger if you have to call 911 from a cell phone.
  • LATRINES/BATHROOMS - Please use designated latrines only. No dumping of garbage into latrine pits. Please ensure that lids are down.
  • DAMAGES - Groups shall be liable to repair, replace, or pay for damages to camp property and equipment. This includes carving on walls, tent platforms, trees, tables, etc. Nails or staples are not driven into any part of camp buildings unless during an approved maintenance project. Damages will be charged to the unit responsible and will necessitate proper payment or replacement of the damaged item and restriction from council facilities until settlement is made. Labor charge for damages is billed at $40.00 per hour.
  • PRIVACY - Respect the privacy of the rangers residence.
  • MISC. - Scout behavior does not permit the throwing of rocks. Throwing of debris, logs, etc. in the lake is prohibited.
Check In Procedure Back to Top

Please be sure to have a copy of your confirmation e-mail with you while camping. You may be asked by local law enforcement to produce this documentation. There is a lock on the gate. The combination is 0270. Please lock the gate behind you after your cars are in the parking lot and when you leave. If cars will be coming and going for a while, you can leave the gate unlocked while you are there, but be sure to lock it back before you leave.

There is no parking allowed on Huron Trail; there are signs that say "No Parking, Fire Lane". Please confine all parking, loading, and unloading to the parking area (behind the gate). We recommend keeping the gate locked once all cars are in the parking lot. As long as someone is onsite, you may leave the gate unlocked while cars are arriving and departing, but be sure to lock the gate before you leave.

Leaders, please note that it is your responsibility to inform parents and others dropping off and picking up scouts that they also need to adhere to this policy. 

Please use car-pooling or stage arrivals so as to not block the road. Remind your campers that there are residences in the area, so please keep the noise level down.

Check Out Procedure Back to Top

A Scout is Clean.

Cancellation Policy Back to Top

In all programs offered by the Patriots' Path Council, BSA, a great deal of planning and purchasing takes place well in advance. These plans include, but are not limited to, staff, food, program materials, patches and awards, rental and purchase of equipment, and in some cases, items of clothing such as T-shirts that are given as part of a program fee.

When an individual or group make a reservation for an activity or program, these items are included in ordering of materials and staffing for that event.

The council reserves the right to cancel programs, as attendance or weather requires.

If the council cancels a program or closes a camp, the payment/deposit can be transferred to another program/available date or returned as requested.

If you decide to cancel your reservation/do not show up and the camp is open, there will be no refund or alternate date offered.

Refunds: Individuals or groups that cancel a program reservation 30 days prior to the date of the event will receive a refund of fees paid, less a 15% administrative charge. No refunds will be made after the 30 day cancelation deadline, unless there is a medical or other emergency.


Cleaning Policy Back to Top
A Scout is clean - All buildings/sites are to be left in a clean and orderly condition. Your deposit check will not be returned until the facility is clean.