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Camp Lakota



Camp Lakota is over 120 acres of forest, prairie, and wetlands. Located just outside of Woodstock Illinois it is accessible with the Metra rail system, and convenient to the Northwest Metro Chicago and Rockford areas of Illinois.  The camp has a resident caretaker and is available for rental use throughout the year.


Facilities include a two floor program center with kitchen and room for training or program activities.  Adjacent to the program center is a large activity field with volley ball court, flag poles and Seaton shelter. The camp has two additional shelters, Moehling and Gould. The eagle lodge is outfitted with bunk beds and climate controlled, i.e. cooled in the summer and heated in the winter.  The shower house has female and male sections for adults and youth. The 16 wooded camp sites located throughout the camp are outfitted with a fire ring and picnic table.  Many camp sites are sufficient to accommodate a large troop.



Ranger Notes

Driving in the camp should be minimized to provide for safety of campers, and minimize disruption of the natural environment and damage to the roads. Driving in camp should be confined to the gravel roads and done only when entering or leaving camp. A speed of 10 miles per hour is recommended when traveling on camp roads. There is a large parking lot at the entrance and smaller parking areas at the shower house and sparrow camp site. The camp is small enough where it is possible to park in the large parking lot and hike in with personal gear.

2050 Deepcut Rd
Woodstock, Illinois 60098

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Training Center
Program Area

Camp Use Policy Back to Top

Policies for Safety and Vandalism

1.All activities will conform to BSA National Guidelines as set forth in the GUIDE TO SAFE SCOUTING.

2. The Scout Oath and Law apply to all in this camp.

3. All vehicles will be parked in designated PARKING areas, not campsites. No violations will be tolerated or permitted except in case of emergency or as designated by the Camp Master. Only drive on the designated  road and adhere to the posted speed limit.

4. Alcohol, drugs, pets, tobacco products, firearms and fireworks are prohibited  and under a Zero Tolerance Policy.

5. Build fires in properly designated areas and NEVER leave unattended.

6. All camp property, buildings and trees are not to be damaged in any way. The unit or group renting at the camp assumes full responsibiblity for any loss or damage to equipment. 

Check In Procedure Back to Top

Upon arrival the unit or group leader responsible for the reservation should check in with the Camp Master on duty or, if not present, the Camp Caretaker. They will provide information on the current state of facilities, direction for parking, transit in camp, location of facilities and sites rented, handling of trash as well as cleaning expectations and departure procedures. They will be your resource for your stay as Camp Lakota if there are questions or problems.

Check Out Procedure Back to Top

In preparing for departure all facilities used should be swapped, trash removed, water turned off, thermostats adjusted, lights turned off and doors closed. The Camp Master on duty or the Camp Caretaker should be notified in accordance with instructions provided at check in.

Cancellation Policy Back to Top

Cancelations must be received in writing no less than thirty (30) days prior to arrival at Camp for a refund.

No refund if less than 30 days.

Cleaning Policy Back to Top

When renting building(s) and/or campsites please leave everything in better condition than you found it.  All garbage will be disposed of in designated disposal areas. Floors are to be swept and mopped.  All itsy-bitys in campsites are to be picked up.  A cleaning fee will be assessed if property is not left in an acceptable condition.