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Outpost campsites at Fire Mountain consist of 1 large “lean-to” shelter covering approximately 400 square feet of space. Each lean-to has a campfire ring. 

Some suitable space for hammocks in additional to the sheltered space.

Campsite is in a secluded part of camp that will require hiking to reach – there is no vehicle access. 

Daytime Capacity: 15-25 

Overnight Capacity: 15 

Bathrooms: 1 pit toilet

Amenities: campfire ring 

04:00 PM
12:00 PM

Facility Amenities

Facility Use Policy Back to Top


Outpost sites intentionally provide the bare minimum facilities. Campers can expect a single 20’x40’ lean-to shelter with space for approximately 2 Scout patrols, with adult leaders. Most have suitable trees nearby for some hammock camping. These sites are ideal for introducing Scouts to the experience of camping without nylon doors dividing them from the outdoors.  There is no water available.

Our lean-to shelters are considered lodging. For the purposes of youth protection, a minimum of two adults and four youth are required. Adults and youth should sleep in separate areas of the shelter, and the best practice is to hang a tarp or similar barrier to create separate adult/youth or gender specific sections. 

Please check the following on arrival and departure from the campsite: 

Firewood: Unused logs should be stored under bench/shelter out of the weather.  Must gather firewood or carry in.

Trash: All trash must be packed out.

Camp Use Policy Back to Top

Please Read The Following Camp Policy:

  1. Upon arrival, your group’s leader must check-in with the Camp Ranger or the Volunteer Camp Host at Knoll Lodge (inside the gate on the north end of the upper parking lot).  Return of security deposit is dependent on completion of check in AND check out with the Camp Host or Camp Ranger.
     All vehicles must remain in designated parking lot and parking areas. The use of vehicles to transport equipment to campsites is discouraged. Overnight parking of vehicles at campsites or at the Dining Hall is not permitted.  Units are encouraged to coordinate/consolidate the transportation of gear to their assigned campsite in order to minimize the number of vehicles entering camp.  The Camp Ranger or Camp Host may limit the number of vehicles entering a campsite at any one time in order to minimize off road parking.  All vehicles used to transport equipment to a campsite are to be removed as soon as the equipment is off loaded.  Scouts BSA troops are encouraged to have the Scouts walk to the campsite with their backpacks.  
  2. Camp Hours.  For the safety of those in camp, the camp’s main gate will be locked between the hours of 9PM and 7AM.  Your group and/or your individual families must arrive at camp before 9PM (late arrivals will not be able to  access camp after 9PM).  Camp Quiet Hours are between 10PM and 7AM.
  3. Upon departure, your group’s leader must check-out with the Camp Ranger or the Volunteer Camp Host.
  4. Firewood is available for your use from the woodsheds but it will need to be chopped.  Each campsite has an axe yard – you will need to bring your own axe.  The cutting of trees or brush is not permitted.  When you leave camp, please stack the unused firewood under the benches so it will be dry for the next group to use.
  5. Fishing is allowed only in the designated fishing areas which includes the northwest and south dikes and the multiple fishing docks.  No fishing is allowed in the swimming and boating areas or from the swimming and boating docks.  There is a 2 fish limit for youth and a 1 fish limit for adults (adults must fish with youth).  There is no catching and releasing of fish – you catch it, you keep it!  Please do not clean fish in the campsites or at the water’s edge!   Fish guts attract unwanted wildlife in to camp.  The fish cleaning station is located on the outside wall on the north side of Hollander Hall/Dining Hall.
  6. Any damage to buildings or campsites (including the discharge of fire extinguishers) is the responsibility of the group and your group will be billed for repairs and/or replacements.
  7. Swimming and boating activities are allowed only under the guidelines of BSA’s Guide to Safe Scouting and Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat.  The camp’s swimming areas are closed during the Off-Season because we have no life-guard on duty.  NO swimming is permitted in moving water.  No outside boats, canoes or kayaks can be brought in to camp and used on the lake.  
  8. All open flames, including charcoal, must be kept a minimum of ten (10) feet from any structure.
  9. All liquid fuels must be kept in clearly marked containers and locked in a secure storage area, a minimum of twenty (20) feet from all buildings, tents and fires.
  10. All garbage/trash is to be removed from your campsite and taken with you when you leave camp or your group will be charged a garbage/trash removal fee.  We have no garbage/trash removal at camp during the Off-Season so you need to take your group’s garbage/trash home with you.
  11. Your group is responsible for making sure all camp fires are completely extinguished before leaving camp. Remember…if it is too hot to touch, it is too hot to leave.
  12. Dishwashing must be done in your group’s designated campsite.  Do not wash dishes at the hose bibs/spigots or in the lake.
  13. NO unauthorized firearms or weapons, including pellet guns, or fireworks of any type, are allowed in camp.
  14. 5 MPH (miles per hour) is the speed limit on all camp roads.
  15. No pets are allowed in camp.
  16. No alcoholic beverages or drugs are allowed on camp property.  No smoking is allowed on camp property, except in the designated smoking area which is the inside of a smoker’s vehicle.


Check In Procedure Back to Top


On arrival at Fire Mountain, please drive through the main gate and find a space in the parking lot. Before your group unloads and enters camp, please check in with the Camp Host at Knoll Lodge.  If the camp host is not at Knoll Lodge, please call the number on the white board in the window of Knoll Lodge. 

Knoll Lodge is located at the end of the Welcome Trail, which begins at the north end of the parking lot (look for the bulletin board!). To check-in, you will need a group roster with: 

  • accurate Adult and Youth participant counts – note that you can use the “tear-off” portion from your confirmation email 
  • contact numbers for the adult leaders of your group 

During check-in you will: 

  • review key policies for the weekend – including emergency signals and procedures 
  • receive the Campsite Review Form – this form must be completed once you arrive at your campsite and returned promptly to the Camp Host. 
  • receive parking permits for your vehicles – please display these on the dash of each vehicle that will remain in the parking lot. 

Once checked-in, you can begin moving into your campsite. Each campsite has 2 wagons assigned for its use, and this is the preferred method for moving extra gear to your campsite. If needed, the Camp Host may allow you to use ONE VEHICLE to move extra gear into the campsite. This is also a good time to return your Campsite Review Form.

Camp speed limit is 5 MPH, be aware of pedestrians at all times, and drive safely 

Please unload your vehicle immediately and promptly return it to the parking lot. In compliance with county regulations – and keeping roads open for emergency access - no vehicles may be parked outside of the parking lot for any reason. 

Violation of Camp Parking and Vehicle policies can result in EXPULSION from camp. 

Check Out Procedure Back to Top


Check-out time is noon on Sunday. As you prepare to depart camp, please complete the following steps: 

  • Pack and remove personal gear and/or trash from each shelter 
  • Thoroughly sweep each shelter – broom provided on the back of the bulletin board 
  • Clean the KYBO with the provided kit 
  • You may once again bring in one vehicle to load any gear that will not be carried out 
  • Contact the Camp Host, who will come to your site with the Campsite Review Form to complete the check-out review. This is a requirement to initiate the security deposit refund process. 


Any damages found during the check-out review will be billed to your account.

If your group does not leave the campsite in a clean and tidy state, a cleaning fee will be assessed.

Failure to check-out with the Camp Host will result in the loss of your security deposit.

Cancellation Policy Back to Top

Facility reservation fees are final.  A written cancellation must be submitted to the Everett Service Center for consideration of a refund.  Individuals/Groups that cancel their reservations 30 days or more prior to the arrival date will receive a refund of the total rental fee LESS a 15% administrative service charge. No refunds will be given for cancellations made less than 30 days prior to the arrival date.  For activities with per person fees, there will be no refund for changes made to final head count within 15 days of the event. 

Cleaning Policy Back to Top

All facilities, campsites and program areas are expected to be left in good condition at the end of your stay.  Buildings (including stents, Adirondacks and kybos) should be swept, personal items removed, all trash removed from the site and furniture returned to its original location.  Please stack extra firewood under fire ring benches. 
A cleaning fee will be assessed for each reserved site or facility that is not verified as clean during the check out process.  The group leader and camp host/ranger will verify facility conditions at check-in and checkout.