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Ed Bryant Scout Reservation - Fellowship Hall - Kitchen

Large commercial kitchen within Fellowship Hall.

*Special requirements to use.

Facility Use Policy Back to Top

Fellowship Hall kitchen is a commercial facility licensed by the state of Wisconsin.  ALL groups wishing to utilize this facility MUST provide a minimum of 1 person who is currently trained in safe food handling. Groups must provide proof of this training from a state approved organization upon arrival to camp in order to use the kitchen.

Camp Use Policy Back to Top
Contact the camp ranger at least 1 week prior to reservation date to confirm arrival date, time and facility rented.

A separate check for the Deposit is to be brought to camp and submitted at check-in. If facilities are left in appropriate condition the Deposit check will be returned to renter at check out.
Check In Procedure Back to Top





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Cancellation Policy Back to Top
Cancellations of use must be made at least four weeks in advance of the use date to obtain a refund, although reservations may be transferred to another unit. Please call BOTH the Council Office and the camp (Camp Contact) where the facility is located if you can't come.
Cleaning Policy Back to Top
A Scout is Clean. Clean all facilities thoroughly and return items to their original location.

Contact the Camp Ranger and arrange a time for the checkout walk-through of the facilities rented. Failure to hold a walk-through may result in the complete loss of your deposit. Checkout time is 11:00 am unless other arrangements are made with the Camp Ranger.

During the checkout walk-through call attention to any problems you experienced or damage that occurred to the person checking you out. We must all work together to take care of our camps.

Deposit checks will be returned if there is no damage or additional cleaning charge.