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Alpine Scout Camp - Cub World 8

Tenting is the real camping experience! Get close to nature in our wooded tent sites which have ample space for pitching tents. Some cabins are adjacent to tent sites; tents can be used in connection with cabins and/or lean-tos to expand capacity.

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12:00 PM

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Camp Use Policy Back to Top

Policies for Safety and Care of Camp

The volunteers and staff of the Greater New York Councils have put the following policies in place to provide a safe camping experience to all campers.  These are in accordance with Federal and State Laws as well the Policies of the Boy Scouts of America.  Remember, our youth and our camps are in your care.

To prevent misunderstandings, you and every other group using the facilities of the Greater New York Councils are required to read and commit to these policies.

  • No alcoholic beverage of any kind may be possessed or consumed
  • No illegal drugs including marijuana
  • Firearms, archery equipment, paint ball guns, airsoft, etc. are not permitted
  • 10 MPH speed limit, All passengers must be in a seat with a seatbelt
  • No riding on the outside of vehicles or in the beds of pick-up trucks
  • Parking in designated areas only, not along roads or next to cabins
  • Campers must be in their sites and quiet between 11:00 pm and 7:00 am
  • No vandalism to any camp property, building, wildlife or trees
  • No unauthorized swimming or boating activities are allowed
  • No initiations, hazing, or harassment will be tolerated
  • Follow the Camp Code of Conduct.

I understand as unit leader that it is my responsibility to review these policies and the Camp Code of Conduct with every group member on or before arrival at camp.

Failure to follow these policies, including being found in off limit areas or engaging in prohibited activities will result in the immediate removal of any member of the group or the entire group.  ILLEGAL activities will be reported to the proper Law Enforcement agency.

We understand we will be charged for any loss or damage caused by group members.  We agree to pay any and all such charges, which will include labor and materials.

Youth Protection Barriers to Abuse

The BSA has adopted the following policies for the safety and well-being of its members. These policies primarily protect youth members; however, they also serve to protect adult leaders. All parents and caregivers should understand that our leaders are to abide by these safeguards. Parents and youth are strongly encouraged to use these safeguards outside the Scouting program. Registered leaders must follow these guidelines with all Scouting youth outside of Scouting activities.

Adult Supervision

Two registered adult leaders 21 years of age or over are required at all Scouting activities, including all meetings. There must be a registered female adult leader 21 years of age or over in every unit serving females. A registered female adult leader 21 years of age or over must be present for any activity involving female youth or female adult program participants.  

Notwithstanding the minimum leader requirements, age and program-appropriate supervision must always be provided.  

All adults staying overnight in connection with a Scouting activity must be currently registered as an adult volunteer or an adult program participant.  Adult volunteers must register in the position(s) they are serving in. Registration as a merit badge counselor position does not meet this requirement. See FAQ for list of approved adult registration fee required positions.   

Limited exception below for Cub Scout overnight Programs:

Cub Scout parents or legal guardians taking part in an overnight Cub Scout program with their own child or legal ward are not required to register as leaders. All adults must review the “How to Protect your Children from Child Abuse: A Parent’s Guide” that can be found in the front of each Cub Scout Handbook. In addition, the parent or legal guardian must be accompanied by a registered leader at any time they are with youth members other than their own child/ward.  All other overnight adults must be currently registered in an adult fee required position.

One-on-one contact between adult leaders and youth members is prohibited both inside and outside of Scouting. (Youth Protection and Barriers to Abuse FAQs)

Discipline must be constructive.

  • Discipline must reflect Scouting’s values.
  • Corporal punishment is never permitted.
  • Disciplinary activities involving isolation, humiliation, or ridicule are also prohibited.


  • Leaders must ensure that all participating in Scouting activities abide by the Scout Oath and Scout Law.
  • Adult leaders and youth members share the responsibility for the safety of all participants in the program, including adherence to Youth Protection and health and safety policies.
  • Adult leaders are responsible for monitoring behavior and intervening when necessary, including when foul or inapproriate language is used.
  • Physical violence, sexual activity, emotional abuse, spiritual abuse, unauthorized weapons, hazing, discrimination, harassment, initiation rites, bullying, cyberbullying, theft, verbal insults, drugs, alcohol, and pornography have no place in the Scouting program and may result in revocation of membership.
  • All leaders are required to adhere to the Scouter Code of Conduct.


Separate accommodations for adult males and females and youth males and females are required. 


  • Separate tenting arrangements must be provided for male and female adults as well as for male and female youth.
  • Youth sharing tents must be no more than two years apart in age.
  • In Cub Scouting, parents and guardians may share a tent with their family.
  • In all other programs, youth and adults tent separately.
  • Spouses may share tents.

Lodging/Cabin Accommodations

Whenever possible, separate cabins or lodging should be provided for male and female adults as well as for male and female youth. Where separate accommodations cannot be provided due to group size or limited availability, modifications may be made. Where completely separate accommodations are not available, additional supervision is required.

If adults and youth of the same gender occupy single-room accommodations, there must be a minimum of two adults and four youth, with all adults being Youth Protection trained.

Physical separation by other means, including temporary barriers or space, should be used only when no other arrangements are possible.

These modifications are limited to single-gender accommodations.


  • Separate shower and latrine facilities should be provided for male and female adults as well as for male and female youth. If separate facilities are not available, separate times should be scheduled and posted.
  • Privacy of youth is respected.
  • Adults and youth must respect each other’s privacy, especially in situations such as changing clothes and taking showers at camp.
  • Adult leaders should closely monitor these areas but only enter as needed for youth protection or health and safety reasons.
  • Privacy of youth is respected.

Adults and youth must respect each other’s privacy, especially in situations such as changing clothes and taking showers at camp.
Adult leaders should closely monitor these areas but only enter as needed for youth protection or health and safety reasons.

Program Requirements

  • The buddy system should be used.
  • The use of smartphones, cameras, mirrors, drones, etc., in places or situations where privacy is expected is prohibited.
  • All aspects of the Scouting program are open to observation by parents and leaders.
  • The BSA does not recognize any secret organizations as part of its program.
  • Hazing and initiations are prohibited and have no part during any Scouting activity.
  • All forms of bullying and harassment including verbal, physical, and cyberbullying are prohibited.
  • Inappropriate public displays of affection are prohibited.
  • Sexual activity is prohibited.
  • Appropriate attire is required for all activities

Questions about these policies can be sent to  and a member of our program team will respond.

Thank you for ensuring a safe environment for all of the youth and adults that camp on our properties!

Yours in Scouting,

Chris Guarniere
Director of Safety & Experiences
Greater New York Councils
Scouting America

Check In Procedure Back to Top

All units and persons entering the camp must check-in at the Visitor’s Center located at the entrance of the camp.

The Alpine staff will collect any site fees that are outstanding. A roster is required before entering camp (they are available at camp or online. Units using a cabin will be expected to leave a $50 refundable cash damage deposit (payable at the camp office only). Unit leaders will be provided a key (cabin users), a map and detailed directions to your site. If you have any individuals needing assistance or have heavy equipment, please ask for assistance at check-in, a Ranger will be happy to assist you.

Fees due at camp can be paid by cash, check or credit card. Please make checks out to Greater New York Councils, BSA; you will be provided a receipt for all payments or deposits.


Cabin Rental

Safety Equipment:  All cabins have smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors for your protection. Tampering with these devices is a criminal offence. Fire extinguishers are provided in a break-glass cabinet in each cabin. Please make note of its location as you enter the cabin.

Cleaning Equipment:  Each cabin is provided a broom, mop, dustpan and garbage can for your use.

Check Out Procedure Back to Top

When you are ready to Checkout, please contact your area Campmaster or the Visitor’s Center. A member of the camp staff will inspect your site to insure that it is left in good condition for the next unit to use. The following items should be completed:

Area should be clean; papers or debris in or around site discarded
Latrine should be cleaned
Courtesy woodpile built by fire ring or outside cabin
All gas appliances shut off (heater, lamps & stove)*
Windows and doors closed and locked*
Kitchen should be cleaned*

* Cabins only




When a Campmaster or a Ranger has checked out your site, you will be provided a completed Checkout form. You will need to turn this into the Visitor’s Center.

All units should plan on departing camp by 3pm on Sunday. Please contact the Ranger in the Visitor’s Center to arrange for an extra day’s stay or a late departure.

Courtesy Wood Pile: 

The third point of the Scout law is: A Scout is helpful. We request that you leave a stack of wood in your site. There should be enough wood to build a fire for one evening.

Maintenance Items:

Please report any repairs that need to be made to the Ranger at the Visitor’s Center.

Cancellation Policy Back to Top


Cancellations 45 days or more prior to the date scheduled receive a full refund or credit.  Cancellations 21 days or more before the scheduled date receive a full credit.  Cancellations 14 days or more before the scheduled date receive a 50% credit. “No Shows” forfeit the full amount of the reservation fee.  Credits are valid for six months and can be used for payment of weekend camping fees at any GNYC camp.

All cancellations MUST be made by emailing

FOR ALL "Lakeside Family Camp" RENTALS

All Lakeside Family Camp cancellations before February 15th will receive a refund of all fees paid, less the $350 nonrefundable deposit. Cancellations before May 1st will receive 50% of fees paid less the $350 nonrefundable deposit. (IE $800 paid less the $350 deposit is $450 x 50%= $225 refundable). After May 1st, all cancellations will forfeit all fees paid.  

All cancellations MUST be made by emailing

Cleaning Policy Back to Top

All units / groups / visitors are responsible for leaving all equipment and facilities in a clean and orderly condition. Prior to departure, we encourage your group to check out with a ranger or campmaster so that facility cleanliness can be reviewed. Failure to leave facilities or equipments in clean condition may result in additional charges. Cleaning charges must be paid within 30 days of the use date. Your unit will be charged for damage to facilities.