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Rancho Los Mochos

Rancho Los Mochos (RLM) is located 18 miles south of the Northern California town of Livermore, 40 miles East of San Francisco. The 686 acre property was donated to the Oakland Area Council in June 1944 by the Automotive Machinists Union No.1546, International Association of Machinists.

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  • RLM offers Target and Range Sports for Troop level shooting only or District Events for Cub Scouts
  • Campsites have access to potable water and latrines
  • Main shower and restroom facility in the heart of camp
  • Camp fires are permitted, with Ranger Permission, inside the provided fire pits in each campsite

Good to Know:

  • Cars may be driven to Deadwood or the Main Parking lot, only. All campers for Manzanita must walk their items in
  • Cub Scouts may only participate in Target and Range Sports if it is a District or Council organized activity
  • You may reserve a campsite or facility as early as 12 months out but no later than 10 days before
Directions to Camp

Rancho Los Mochos is located at 18450 Mines Rd, Livermore. Heading to camp is a long, windy road. We advise you take your time traveling to camp. The entrance will be on your right hand side, travel up the dirt road to your campsite. Cars may be driven to Deadwood, the sub lot, and the Main Parking lot, only. All campers for Manzanita must walk their items in. 

18450 Mines Road
Livermore, California 94550

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08:00 AM
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07:00 AM
12:00 PM

Training Center
Dining Hall
First-Aid Lodge
Program Area
Program Area Multi-Use

Camp Use Policy Back to Top

Rancho Los Mochos is our rustic campsite that is friendly for all ages. 

Cub Scout Target and Range Sports (BB Guns, Archery, Slingshot) are only permited as District or Council Level activities. All other Units must provide their own RSO and NRA trained individuals. The owner of the firearms will be present for the activity, once approved. 

Camp fires are permitted, with Ranger Permission, inside the provided fire pits in each campsite.

NO DOGS are permitted at camp. 

Quiet hours are from 10pm-7am, please be respectful of other campers and remain in the areas that you have reserved. 

Only a few sites have parking near the site. All other cars must be parked in the main lot after unpacking. 

Check In Procedure Back to Top

Camp Ranger will contact you the week of your stay to answer any questions. Upon arrival, check in at the camp office before you proceed to your site reservation. 

Check Out Procedure Back to Top

Camp Ranger will inform you of check out procedures upon arrival. 

Cancellation Policy Back to Top

 NO refunds will be made two weeks prior to an activity.    Reservations are not held until the site is paid for.  All events are subject to council refund policy, found here


Cleaning Policy Back to Top

In an effort to maintain the cleanliness of our properties, and to also enforce the ownership of "A Scout is Courteous and Clean", we will be enforcing a Cleaning Policy if an area in camp is:

  • Used without being reserved
  • Left in dissaray and not put pack in the correct manner
  • Left with garbage or unclean 

This will result in a charge of double your cost of the initial reservation. To avoid this from occuring, we advise you to check out with the Camp Ranger before your departure, to pack out all of your trash or place in the defined location as reported by the Camp Ranger, and maintain presence in the areas you reserved and not in areas you did not reserve.