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Camp Workcoeman - Tee Pee - Family Camping

During the summer season, Tee Pee will be used for Family Camping. Price points will be as followed:

(1) Bring your own tent $15 per night

(2) Standard 7X9 tent with beds $25 per night

(3) Deluxe 12X16 with bedding $50 per night

Please put in the overall your numbers attending, but in the actual days 1, 2, 3 depending on what you would like. Example for Bring your own tent below:


06:00 PM
11:00 PM

Co-Ed Friendly
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Please see our policy at: 

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Please see Ranger upon arrival. Thank you!

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Please see the Ranger before you leave. Thank you!

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Connecticut Rivers Council Cancelation Policy

Our policy is as follows:

60 day notice will be a full refund

30 day notice will be a 75% refund

7-15 day notice will be a 50% refund

0-6 day notice will have no refund