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Camp Mattatuck

Established in 1939, Camp Mattatuck sits on 500 acres of land outside Waterbury, CT. Each summer, Camp Mattatuck runs a Scouts, BSA Resident Camp, Cub Scout Resident Camp, Webelos Resident camp and a Cub Scout Day Camp.

Camp Mattatuck also hosts a variety of seasonal events such as fishing derbies, klondike derbies, camporees and a Halloween Haunted Woods.

Camp Mattatuck is available year-round for seasonal camping through our cabins, adirondack shelters and tent sites. We are conveniently located off CT Route 8 in Plymouth, CT, just a few miles north of Waterbury, CT, 90 miles northeast of New York City and 130 miles southwest of Boston, MA.

Camp Mattatuck is part of Connecticut Rivers Council and is supported by the Connecticut Rivers Council through Friends of Scouting donations, solicitation of direct assistance, grants and foundations, Unit Popcorn sales, the Council endowment funds and the Camp Mattatuck Volunteers.

Directions to Camp

Directions to Camp Mattatuck
Camp Mattatuck is on Route 262 at 221 Mt. Tobe Road in Plymouth CT, 06782

From 1-84 East or West 

Take Exit 20 (Route 8 North). Take Exit 39 off Route 8 (Route 6 East). At the bottom of the ramp, turn right. Follow till the 1st traffic light/top of the hill, turn right on Route 262, Camp Mattatuck is 3 miles on the left past the Waterbury Airport and just before Gentile's Campsite. 

From Route 8 South

Take Exit 39 off Route 8 (Route 6 East). At the bottom of the ramp, turn left. Follow directions above to Camp Mattatuck.​

From Route 6 East or West

​Follow Route 6 to the center of Plymouth. Turn onto Route 262. Follow directions above to Camp Mattatuck.

221 Mount Tobe Road
Plymouth, Connecticut 06782

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Adirondack Shelters
Dining Hall
Program Area Multi-Use
Program Area

Camp Use Policy Back to Top

Connecticut Rivers Council, Camp Property Usage Guidelines

For Short Term Camping



All CRC camps will adhere to policies found in the Guide to Safe Scouting and to

National BSA Camp Standards. ( )


Group Leadership:

1. Adult Leadership requirements will follow the Guide to Safe Scouting and the policies of the Boy

Scouts of America.

2. All Coed youth groups must have both male and female adults, over 21 years of age, in attendance

while on group outings. Segregated sleeping arrangements are required.

3. Adequate leadership is required for the entire length of stay.

4. All groups using more than one camp building must have a minimum of 2 adult leaders in each



Checking In And Out Of Camp:

1. Group leaders must first check in with the Campmaster or Ranger before seeking access to camp.

3. Upon gaining access to the facility, you and the Campmaster or Ranger will conduct a checklist of

the facility.

4. Tent camping locations vary at each Connecticut Rivers Council camp. The Campmaster or Camp

Ranger will designate tent camping locations at the respective camps.

5. Please inform the Campmaster or Ranger of your unit’s schedule while at camp. We want to be able

to contact you in a timely manner should an emergency arise.

6. All groups must check out with the Campmaster or Ranger prior to leaving camp. Your unit must

leave enough firewood in cabins or established fire rings for the next group (a little more would be


7. Groups renting the camp kitchens should understand that a limited amount of kitchen utensils would

be available for use. Contact the Camp Ranger in advance to be sure of the available items.  In addition no food is to be left in any of the refrigerators when you leave

8a. Fees for damages are based on each occurrence. The unit and their sponsoring organization will be

invoiced for any damages.

b. There is a $50 recharge fee for any fire extinguisher released without an emergency apparent.

c. There is a $100 reset/replacement for tampering with smoke and fire detection devices.



1. Vehicle access to all areas of camp will be at the discretion of the Camp Ranger or Campmaster who will inform you where you can unload your gear. All vehicles MUST be returned to the designated

parking lots.

2. Vehicles must be parked only in designated parking lots as specified by the Camp Ranger. This

insures access to the camp facilities by emergency, law enforcement and camp vehicles.

3. All vehicle use will comply with policies found in the Guide to Safe Scouting. No riders are permitted

in the beds of trucks. Passengers are to be transported only in those compartments of vehicles,

which are designated by the manufacturer for passenger use, as long as there is a working seat belt.


Prohibited Items:

1. No personal firearms or ammunition, bows, arrows, slingshots, sheath knives may be brought into


2. No alcoholic beverages or illegal substances (drugs). Law enforcement authorities will be contacted

for illegal possession or use.

3. Snowmobiles, dirt bikes, four wheelers, and related vehicles for recreation are prohibited at any

Connecticut Rivers Council property. The Camp Ranger may use such vehicles in emergency,

maintenance or security instances.

4. No fireworks allowed in camps.

5. No open flames in tents.

6. Please leave your pets at home, service animals are welcome.

7. No coal or charcoal is to be used in camp wood stoves.


Guidelines To Follow While At Camp:

1. The use of liquid fuel stoves and lanterns are permitted on camp property. A knowledgeable and

responsible adult must oversee the handling and use of liquid fuels.

2. Build campfires only in established fire rings or following the practices of Leave No Trace. Keep fires small and never leave fires unattended. The Campmaster or Camp Ranger will specify fire-building

guidelines at each camp property.

3. Use only permanent latrine or comfort stations located throughout the camp.

4. All trash is to be removed from the campsite or facility. Placed trash in the designated dumpsters if

they are available, otherwise take it with you. Never bury your trash. Be sure to use recycling bins if

the camp requires this procedure.  All food items are to leave camp with you

6. Do not wash or bathe at water sources.

7. Smoking is permitted ONLY in areas designated by the Camp Ranger and never in the presence of


8. Please observe quiet time from 10 PM-7AM.


Chain Saws:

Chain saws are to be used only by Camp Rangers or those designated by Camp Rangers.  They are not to be brought with you to camp.


Program Activities:

1. Group activities including aquatics, shooting sports, C.O.P.E., and climbing & rappelling are available at some camps. Groups must make contact with the Camp Ranger in advance for policies and fees.

Required certifications and credentials of instructors must be presented to the Ranger or Campmaster at arrival.

Activity Required Certification *required for BSA Groups

Aquatics Safe Swim Defense*, Safety Afloat*,

BSA Lifeguard or equivalent (recommended), CPR

COPE Project COPE Director

Climbing & Rappelling BSA Climbing Director or Instructor, CPR

Climb On Safely Training Certification*

Rifle, Shot gun or Muzzle loading NRA Instructor - specific firearm certification

            BB range BSA BB gun & Range master Orientation Course

Archery NAA Level I

It should be noted that per BSA policy, BB gun and archery activities for Cub Scouts are only permitted at council activities. No BB or archery activities are permitted to be conducted by individual packs.

2. Fishing is available at some camp properties. The Ranger or Campmaster can inform you of the

specific areas at each camp.

3. The Camp Ranger shall determine if any ice related activities are permitted.

Notify The Ranger Or Campmaster Immediately For:

1. Injuries must be reported immediately to the Ranger or Campmaster. An incident report must be


2. Lost Person - If you suspect a lost person situation, notify the Ranger or Campmaster immediately

for assistance.

3. Fire - Notify the Ranger or Campmaster immediately and safeguard all personnel

4. Suspicious Person(s) - Report any suspicious looking person(s) to the Campmaster or Ranger.

Check In Procedure Back to Top

Please see the Ranger upon arrival. Thank you!

Check Out Procedure Back to Top

Please see the Ranger before you leave. Thank you!

Cancellation Policy Back to Top

Connecticut Rivers Council Cancelation Policy

Our policy is as follows:

60 day notice will be a full refund

30 day notice will be a 75% refund

7-15 day notice will be a 50% refund

0-6 day notice will have no refund