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Your Doorway to Scouting Adventure!

Each of the Greater Tampa Bay Area Council's camps has something special to offer your group. 
Start by clicking the GTBAC Camps menu to see what is available for your outdoor adventure.

Scouting Groups - if you have any questions contact the Scout Office at: 
813-872-2691 Ext. 101


Free In Council Camping for Units

Beginning January 1, 2022 the council program service fee will make the following free for GTBAC units at council camps:

  • Campsites (primitive, improved and Adirondacks)
  • Camp Shelters/pavilions
  • Council Rings

Deposits Now Required

Deposit are now needed for in-council camp reservations.  This past year has seen a substantial increase in the number of units booking facilities and then no show / no call.  This prevents other units from camping.  A $50 deposit per facility is required at the time of booking.  If the unit arrives and there are no damages, then it will be refunded within 3 weeks of the camping departure date. 

Camping Reservation Policies

  • With the introduction of the online reservation system full payment is now due at time of booking. 
  • In order to allow the most Scouts to enjoy our facilities: if a unit books multiple sites, we reserve the right to consolidate them into  site or to move them to a different site of an appropriate size for the group.  We will make every effort to contact them about this.

Camp Policies

  • No Pets are allowed on Camp Properties.  Service Animals are welcome.  Service animals are defined as dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities. ... Dogs whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the ADA and are not allowed on GTBAC properties.    Misrepresenting an animal as a service animal is a violation of Florida State Statute.
  • Pre-Event Medical Screenings and Liability Waivers are required for entry into camp properties.  Links are emailed when reservations are made.  For current COVID updates and requirements please visit:


Program Areas Reservation Policies 

All reservations for program areas: Shooting ranges, climbing or aquatics are for the facilities only.  Your unit must provide the appropriate volunteers with credentials to the camp master or ranger to be given access to the facilities.  The Greater Tampa Bay Area Council will not be able to provide individual units with staff for program areas.  We are moving our efforts to providing instruction for unit volunteers to empower the units to be able to open these facilities.  Having more trained volunteers will give your unit more freedom and will be beneficial to all of the Scouts in our area.   

What If My Unit Doesn't Have Leaders That Are Trained?

Choice 1 - Get Your Leaders Trained

Each of the program committees will be running training several times a year. 

Check the Council Calendar at: for upcoming training.

For best results in the calendar, open filter and select training.  Then press apply filter.  The List view shows everything at once.

Choice 2 - Talk to Other Leaders at Roundtable and Collaborate

Every district has leaders who are trained in it.  Many times units can team up for a weekend day or volunteers from one unit will help another.  You can ask talk to your District Executive about volunteers in your district that can help.

Choice 3 - Attend One of the Council Activity Days

Each of the program committees (shooting sports, climbing and aquatics) will be scheduling days throughout the year to open the facilities.  You will be able to sign up for them as any other event.  This allows our volunteers to maximize their time and serve as many youth as possible while also giving your Scouting Families more choices in activities throughout the year.   

Check the Council Calendar at: for upcoming events. 

Non-scout groups looking to reserve facilities should contact Matthew Hall at to get pricing and availability.