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Camp Big Timber

Camp Big Timber is a multi-use camp located in Elgin, right near Randall Road and I-90 West. Built in the 30's, The camp hosts 3 building used for rentals; The Lodge, T-Lodge and Ansel. 

The Lodge is a Dining Hall styled building with a 3 season porch and multipurpose meeting room that can be used for activities and lodging. With a full size commercial style kitchen, many events have used The Lodge for feeding large groups!  The Lodge also has flush toilets and showers for both male and female campers. Sleeping on the floor of The Lodge can accommodate approx. 70 people.  During the warmer weather, 20 - 30 additional people can sleep in the 3 Season Porch.

T-lodge is a smaller multi-use building with electricity, one bathroom with shower and flush toilet. A small prep kitchen with stove,microwave, sink and refrigerator.  Sleeping is on the floor ( no beds) and can accommodate approximately 40 people. 

Ansel is a shelter with a concrete floor and wood burning stove only for heat. Great for use as a warming shelter for winter activities.  

In addition, there are many areas for tent camping and several areas for wilderness survival camp outs.  

Additional areas include a Fire bowl, Tree house, BB and Archery Ranges, and multi-use fields for camping or program.

Camp Big Timber is home to our Haunted Hike during October and is not rented during this time.  Please check the calendar for other black out dates.

Camp Big Timber does not allow ground fires, however, there are a limited amount of burn barrels for use by units. Request for wood and barrels can be done thru the Ranger.  Additional information and Camp rules can be found on main page ( Camp Facilities Use Agreement) and and should be shared with all campers.

Ranger Notes

Please observe traffic directional sineage. Exit camp through the designated exit road, please do not exit camp through the entrance road.   

Trails End - The road may be closed to traffic,  as it is too soft for vehicles during early Spring, late Fall and Winter wet conditions. Check with the Ranger for parking areas if utilizing this area.



Directions to Camp

Camp Big Timber - 37W955 Big Timber Rd., Elgin, IL 60124   (Click here for Mapquest Directions!)

Jeremy Case | Camp Big Timber Ranger, Boy Scouts of America Camp

Cell: 630-797-4637


37W955 Big Timber Rd
Elgin, Illinois 60124

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08:00 AM
11:00 PM

05:00 PM
11:30 AM

Field Campsites
Program Areas

Camp Use Policy Back to Top

Three Fires Council Camp Rules

Anyone using camp facilities must check in and out with the Camp Ranger/Camp Master. Groups are responsible for leaving all equipment and facilities in a clean and orderly condition.  Failure to do so may result in additional charges which must be paid within 30 days of the use date.

Three Fires Council may authorize other groups to be present on the camp property to use facilities that are not covered by your camp rental agreement.

Pets, alcoholic beverages, firearms, fireworks, marijuana in any form, CBD products of any kind and any illegal controlled substances are not allowed on any part of camp property.  Any violation will be just cause to call; the proper authorities and you will asked to leave camp property.   

There is no smoking or use of vaporized smoking in any building on any Three Fires Council property.  Smoking/vaping is allowed only in designated areas and never in front of youth.

3.      Leadership/supervision requirements must be met in accordance with the Boy Scouts of America as outlined in the Guide to Safe Scouting which can be found online. This includes following all youth protection, 2-deep leadership and BALOO guidelines. In addition, your group must have proper supervision with special certificates as deemed necessary for approved activities: ie. Range Master for archery and BB Gun, etc. Each activity that your group participated in on camp property must also be properly supervised.

4.      Ground camping sites may be selected at the time of reservation, but may be reassigned due to ongoing camp projects or other facility needs.  The Camp Ranger reserves the right to close camp due to adverse weather conditions or other factors that may affect the safety of those using the property.

5.      The speed limit on camp property is 10 miles per hour.

6.      Any vehicles driven to campsites must have authorization from the Camp Ranger/Camp Master. 

7.      All vehicles must be parked in an area designated by the Camp Ranger/Camp Master.

8.      Driving on the grass is prohibited unless the Camp Ranger/Camp Master has given their permission.

9.      Report any and all injuries on camp property to the Camp Ranger/Camp Master as soon as possible. Any 911 calls must also be reported to the Camp Ranger immediately. An incident report just also be filed before out group leaves camp.

10.   Report any damage or breakage of camp facilities or equipment to the Camp Ranger/Camp Master as soon as possible.

11.   Respect camp boundaries. Do not cross fences or other obstacles on to private property.

12.   Avoid areas of camp which are being utilized by other groups or posted as restricted areas.

13.   When using a camp building, please return everything back to where you found it.  Windows and doors must be secured upon departure. Keep areas outside and around buildings clean.  No littering.

14.   Do not tamper with smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, or other emergency or lifesaving equipment.

15.    Janitorial services are not provided by camp personnel. You must clean up after yourself. When using camp buildings, the floors must be swept and/or mopped after use. All trash cans (including washrooms) must be emptied into dumpsters provided at the Lodge or in the maintenance yard.

16.   All trash must be put IN to dumpsters, not left next to them.

17.   If you brought it with you, take it home. Do not leave excess food, broken equipment, or other items at camp.

18. Units will be charged for any damage or breakage to camp property, as well as any extra cleanup that may be required.

19.   Where fires are permitted, do not leave firewood, burn barrels, or cinder blocks in open areas. Return all items to the camp wood pile. This is to help prevent damage to camp mowing apparatus.

20.   Everyone must be in their campsite or cabins and quiet by 10:00 p.m. unless other arrangements have been made with the Camp Ranger. In every case, respect the rights of our neighbors and other campers and keep noise to a minimum.

22.   Re-stack any picnic tables that you use.

23.    It is the groups responsibility to ensure that every participant of your activity is briefed on the policies and procedures stated in this agreement.  A Scout is Courteous… be considerate of your fellow campers and leave things better than you found them.

All groups, units, and individuals recognize that the use of Three Fires Council property is a privilege. The Three Fires Council reserves the right, through Camp Rangers, staff, camp masters, and camp directors to remove any group, unit, or individual from the property for any or no reason, at their discretion. Any person(s) not cooperating with a request to vacate the premises will be considered a trespasser, which may subject them to law enforcement and/or legal action.

Camp Specific Rules:

Camp Big Timber – 37W955 Big Timber Road, Elgin, Illinois 60124

Parking locations are designated by the Ranger/Camp Master- confirm upon Check-in.

All fires must be in an approved fire ring or an above ground burn barrel.

Camp emergency number goes directly to the camp ranger… 630-549-5823

Call 911 for Fire/ ambulance and Police emergencies. 

Fire and Ambulance services are handed by the Rutland/Dundee Fire Protection District. Police is handled by the Kane County Sheriff’s Department.

You must notify the Ranger of any emergency on camp property.  Because of the equipment that will be entering camp, camper control and assistance that may be needed.

Check In Procedure Back to Top

Check in and Check out times for weekends are based on 5:00 pm Friday check in to check out by 11:30 am on Sunday.  Any time before 5:00 pm on Friday and after 11:30 am on Sunday require Ranger approval.  Please contact the Ranger for their approval once making the reservation.

  Be sure that you print your reservation and bring it to camp.  All units must check in and out of camp with the Camp Ranger on duty, and please provide a count of Youth and Adults on check in.

A call sometime in the week before can give the Ranger a heads up of any last minute changes to arrival time, changes in estimate of campers, wood needs and any important information to share.

Check Out Procedure Back to Top

All Units must check out with the Ranger upon leaving Camp. 

Please note: Due to Camp wide responsibilities,  the Ranger may not be available at the time of departure. Please place a courtesy call to the Ranger's cell phone to let him know your group is departing.

Cancellation Policy Back to Top
Cancellations made more than 45 days in advance a group can transfer building/site fees paid toward another date within one (1) year. Cancellations made less than 45 days in advance will result in loss of building/site fees paid.
Cleaning Policy Back to Top

 When using a camp building, please return everything back to where you found it. Windows and doors must be secured upon departure. Keep areas outside and around buildings clean. No littering.  Do not tamper with smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, or other emergency or lifesaving equipment.

Janitorial services are not provided by camp personnel. A Scout is clean - When using camp buildings, the floors must be swept and/or mopped after use. All trash cans (including washrooms) must be emptied in to waste containers provided at The Lodge (Camp Big Timber) or Shop/ Rangers House (Adventure Camp) and Deicke Parking lot (off season)/ Pole Barn (Camp Freeland Leslie).  All trash must be put IN the dumpsters, not left next to them. 

If you brought it with you, take it home. Do not leave excess food, broken equipment, or other items at camp.