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Maumee Scout Reservation


Please review the camp policies and discuss with all attendees, they can be found at

Potable water is available via a spigot at the OA basement. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, all buildings are closed. We ask that all units act responsibly to keep everyone safe.

Maumee Scout Reservation consists of 640 acres surrounded by the Hoosier National Forest. Many modern amenities are available on the property including cabins, full dining hall and kitchen as well as 10 beautiful campsites with latrines and running water available May through September. A crystal clear 64 acre lake is the center piece to this beautiful property.

12975 West County Road 925 North
Norman, Indiana 47426

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08:00 AM
11:00 PM

05:00 PM
10:00 AM

Adirondack Cabins
Training Facilities
Dining Hall

Camp Use Policy Back to Top
  • Fires are allowed in fire pans only – NO ground fires
  • Do not leave fires burning unattended
  • Make sure fires are completely out and douse with water before dumping ashes. Cold wet ashes can be spread in a safe area next to the campsite or disposed of in dumpster
  • Redistribute any gathered firewood, do not leave in campsite
  • Cleanup all trash in campsite and surrounding areas and remove trash from latrine garbage cans and place in dumpster near dining hall
  • Place picnic tables back on gravel pads and lean fire pans against seats


  • Any unit planning to use the waterfront for swimming, boating, or canoeing MUST HAVE CERTIFIED ADULT LEADERSHIP and be trained in the Safe Swim Defense Plan. Leaders-in-charge must obtain direct permission to use the waterfront from the Camp Ranger. Swimming will be limited to warm weather, normally after April 15th and before October 1st. One certified Life Guard (Red Cross or BSA) for every 10 swimmers must be 'on duty' during swimming events. NO swimming after dark. Other Boy Scout of America regulations must be followed. Life Jackets must be worn in boats and canoes. Use of boats and canoes will be limited at the discretion of the ranger.
  • Adult Supervision REQUIRED at waterfront for all activities including fishing
  • No fishing in swimming area or off dock – area in front of retaining wall and marked off with blue rope
  • Stay off boats and other items stored at waterfront
  • Vehicles are not allowed to park in campsites overnight. Trailers can be parked in campsites if approved by Ranger but tow vehicle must be parked in the parking lot.
  • No pets allowed in camp
  • No Smoking in camp
  • No alcohol, firearms or fireworks permitted on property

Questions can be addressed with the Ranger, Ed Laehle. He can be reached via email at or by phone at 812-995-3272.

Check In Procedure Back to Top

Units should observe the Welcome sign that is posted across from the mail box near the Rangers house. It will direct you to either check in with an on duty Campmaster or the Ranger. Units that arrive past 7 pm may go directly to their reserved space.

Units may take trailer and tow vehicle to campsite, ALL OTHER VEHICLES NEED TO REMAIN PARKED IN PARKING LOT. 

Check Out Procedure Back to Top

Areas need to be policed and all trash picked up and disposed of. Any trash that was placed into garbage cans also needs to be disposed of, this includes latrines and facilities. A dumpsters is available near the dining hall, use the brown dumpster nearest the dining hall for trash

Fire pans need to be emptied, cold ash can be placed in a tree line near campsite. Fire pans should be placed leaning on picnic tables (1 fire pan for every table). Any brush or left over firewood needs to be placed neatly in tree line, do not leave in the middle of the campsite.

Units do not need to check out in person unless there were any issues. Campsites and facilities will be inspected same or next day by the Ranger, any problems will be addressed with the main contact on the reservation.