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Thank you for choosing Michigan Crossroads Council for your camping needs!

If you encounter any issues while making a reservation, please email the Reservation Manager: during normal business hours.

If you require assistance with any of the following, please contact the Camp Director for your location:

1. Renting facilities not listed on this rental site
2. Scheduling a camp program (shooting sports, climbing, horses, etc.) during your stay
3. Booking multiple facilities / financial assistance

Note to Cub Scout Packs: MCC encourages that at least one adult in your Pack
attending a campout be BALOO trained.

All Non-BSA community groups and Out of Council Scouting units, please contact the Reservations Manager, Rebecca Alberda:


Note the Support tab in the lower right of your screen. This will open a small window that lists a video explanation on How To Make A Reservation.

To start a reservation, click the MCC Camps Dropdown box in the UPPER LEFT CORNER OF THIS SCREEN and select the camp


Camp Rotary Chipmunk Lodge
Camp Rotary Deer Lodge
Camp Rotary Pike Lodge
Camp Rotary Keypayshowink Lodge
D-bar-A Scout Ranch Arrowhead
D-bar-A Scout Ranch Chippewa
D-bar-A Scout Ranch Draper
D-bar-A Scout Ranch Forest Edge
D-bar-A Scout Ranch Frischkorn
D-bar-A Scout Ranch Hill Top
D-bar-A Scout Ranch Hunters Creek
D-bar-A Scout Ranch Indian Wood
D-bar-A Scout Ranch Jack Lord
D-bar-A Scout Ranch Johnstone
D-bar-A Scout Ranch M & M
D-bar-A Scout Ranch Trout Lake
D-bar-A Scout Ranch Williams
Gerber Scout Reservation Chaffee Bunkhouse            



Camp Rotary Loon Lodge A                      
Camp Rotary Loon Lodge B
Cole Canoe Base Turkey Roost
Cole Canoe Base White Pine Cabin
D-bar-A Scout Ranch Beaver Creek
D-bar-A Scout Ranch Christoph
D-bar-A Scout Ranch Clear Water
D-bar-A Scout Ranch Dan Beard
D-bar-A Scout Ranch Fair Oaks
D-bar-A Scout Ranch James E. West
D-bar-A Scout Ranch Lake View
D-bar-A Scout Ranch Lang
D-bar-A Scout Ranch Rawhide
Gerber Scout Reservation Cabin 3
Gerber Scout Reservation Deters Cabin
Gerber Scout Reservation Earl Johnson Lodge
Gerber Scout Reservation Ezra Hogg Cabin
Gerber Scout Reservation Venture Base #1
Gerber Scout Reservation Venture Base #3
Gerber Scout Reservation Venture Base #5
Gerber Scout Reservation Waterman Cabin
Teetonkah Cedars Cabin
Teetonkah Junipers Cabin


NOTE: A $59.00 Utility Fee will be applied to all cabin rentals between October 1 and March 31 of each camping season.