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Resica Falls Scout Reservation - Firestone Camp -Firestone Lodge (Capacity 40)

Firestone Lodge is our largest cabin on property.  With 6 separate bunk rooms, this cabin is perfect for units with multiple patrols or families. Firestone Lodge features one large common area and a covered porch. Gather around the large central fireplace for unit training, patrol competitions, or even to roast s’mores!

Facility Details

•    Cabin sleeps 40
•    Year-round running water
•    Central heat and wood burning fireplace
•    Bathroom with shower
•    Full kitchen perfect for large groups

Camp Use Policy Back to Top

Regulations Governing Unit Short-Term Camping


  • Use of the camp properties are issued through the Camping Service of the Cradle of Liberty Council. Your permit covers the proper Scouting use of COL camps and activities within its boundaries. If your unit or part of it expects to plan an activity out of camp, you must advise the camp ranger/ camp master of your trip plan (destination, time of departure, and expected time of return). If the activity is on privately owned land, permission of the landowner is required and must be secured beforehand.

In Camp Authority

  • The camp ranger/ camp masters are authorized to deal with infractions of scout camp rules. If the immediate safety or comfort of others is in jeopardy, those individuals or unit who are violating the rules will be asked to leave.

Adult Leadership

  • During the entire time your unit is in camp, the unit must be supervised by a minimum of two registered adult leaders or one registered leader and a non-registered parent of a participation youth. One of whom must be 21 years of age. Coed (Venture) camping activities require the supervision of at least one registered female adult leader and one registered male adult leader. Additional adult participation: The unit short-term camping experience is enhanced by, and often requires, the participation of additional adults beyond the minimum two-deep leadership. Your unit is encouraged to involve additional adults in short-term camping provided that each participant is a registered adult leader, or an unregistered adult designated in writing as acting “in loco parents” for a participating youth.

Youth Participation

  • Every youth participating in your unit’s age- appropriate camping activity (i.e., Cub Scout, Webelo Scout, Boy Scout, Varsity/Venture Scout) on Cradle of Liberty Council property must hold a current BSA registration in the proper age group. Tiger Cubs and non-Scouts (especially younger children are not allowed to participate in unit short-term camping (unless as a part of a pack family weekend).


  • The speed limit is 5 MPH on all camp roads. All vehicles must park in designated areas as directed by the camp ranger or the camp master. Parking is not permitted on camp roads or in fire lanes. Do not drive around any barrier. You are responsible for any damage caused by your vehicle.

Sleeping Facilities:

  • Male and female adult participants must use separate sleeping facilities. (Exception; married couples may share the same tent or the same quarters if appropriate privacy is provided.)
  • Male and Female youth participants may not share the same sleeping facilities.
  • Adult and youth participants may not share the same tent. (Exception; A youth may stay in the same tent as his/her parent or guardian for cub scouts only).

Smoke Alarms

  • All buildings used for sleeping have a smoke alarm for your protection. Do not tamper with the smoke alarms. You should confirm operation upon check-in. At check-out time, the camp master will check it operation.

Chemical Fuels

  • Propane, kerosene, gasoline, alcohol, etc. and chemical fuel devices may only be used when under the direct supervision of an adult leader. The use of portable heaters is absolutely prohibited.


  • Open camp sites, build fires in designated areas only. Always have water supply nearby. Fires must be completely out and cold to the touch anytime the campsite is unoccupied. Please leave a courtesy woodpile.


  • Should be taken to the dumpster at the shop by the main parking lot.

General Conduct

  • The law of the camp is “THE SCOUT LAW”.

Activity Hours

  • Scouts have all day from 7 AM to 10 PM for activities. After 10 PM confine your unit to the limits of your site, and restrict noise, light, and movement as a courtesy to other campers.


  • All accidents, injuries, fires, and property damage must be reported to the camp ranger or the camp master. Do not leave camp to go for help except in an extreme emergency. A copy of the medical form should go with injured person to the hospital. Complete a Incident Report Form with the camp ranger.

Prohibited Items and Activities:

  • Outside Firewood.
  • Personal firearms are not allowed in camp. (only camp rifles, shotguns, and camp ammunition may be used).
  • Personal bows and arrows are not allowed in camp.
  • Personal pellet guns, air rifles, slings, etc. are not allowed in camp.
  • Fireworks are not allowed in camp.
  • Alcohol beverage of any kind are absolutely prohibited in camp.
  • NO DRUG or illegal substances of any kind are permitted. NOTE:
  • Personal medication shall be under the supervision of the unit leader.
  • Pets are not permitted in camp.
  • Snowmobiles, motorized bikes, ATV’s and motorcycles are prohibited in camp. Unless permitted by camp ranger.
  • Smoking is not permitted in any camp building or structure.
  • Chain saws are not permitted in camp during unit short-term camping. Unless operator is certified by camp ranger.
  • Standing trees or shrubs, dead or alive, may not be cut down.
  • The use of portable heaters is absolutely prohibited in camp.

Service Projects

  • Each unit is requested to participate in a service, conservation, or camp improvement project. Check with the camp ranger one week in advance.

Property Damage

  • Your unit is financially responsible for any and all damages
Check In Procedure Back to Top

Arrival and Check-In:

Plan your arrival after 6:30 PM Friday evening. Any unit unable to arrive in camp as scheduled must notify the camp ranger/ camp master before 9 PM Friday.
Immediately upon arrival and prior to moving to your assigned campsite or cabin, you must check-in with the camp ranger / camp master.

You must submit:

*    Your camping reservation confirmation.
*    A complete roster of all youth & adults.
*    Schedule of your unit’s weekend program.

Discuss your program (and programming needs) with the ranger/ camp master as soon as possible. 


Check Out Procedure Back to Top

Check-Out and Departure: Plan your departure for no later than 12 PM Sunday.

Damage                             Charges
Carved initials or graffiti        $10.00 per inch
Broken/ cracked windows    $25.00 and up
Torn window screens           $20.00
Missing stove knobs            $10.00 ea.
Torn/ missing shingles         $10.00 ea.
Broken latrine seats             $25.00
Fire extinguisher broken seal    $50.00
Broken chair/ bench             $50.00
Broken table                         $100.00
Torn mattress                       $40.00
Broken smoke detectors      $50.00
Broken broom handles        $20.00
Trees cut/ hacked               $50.00
Note: All charges subject to change without notice. Other charges not listed will be based on actual repair or replacement costs.

Cancellation Policy Back to Top

Facility Cancellation Policy

You may cancel up to 60 days prior to your reservation and receive a full refund.  Any cancellations made within 60 days of your stay will be refunded 75% unless the facility is re-booked.  If the facility is re-booked, a full refund will be made.

In the event camp must be closed due to inclement weather, a full refund will be issued.