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Camp Karoondinha

Camp Karoondinha (also known as “Camp K”), a Scouting tradition since 1933, is owned and operated by the Susquehanna Council, Boy Scouts of America, and is located on more than 400 acres in western Union County along Penn’s Creek, approximately 15 minutes west of the borough of Mifflinburg.
The camp is utilized during the summer season for the Susquehanna Council’s Cub Scout and Scouts BSA resident camping programs. Camp K is fully nationally accredited by the Boy Scouts of America and remains one of Central Pennsylvania’s finest camping facilities, including:

  • 11 campsites with tent platforms, latrines, and water
  • five cabins that can be used year-round
  • an air-conditioned dining hall and industrial furnished kitchen
  • 2 modern individual shower and restroom buildings (handicap accessible)
  • an air-conditioned trading post (with handicap accessible air-conditioned restrooms)
  • a swimming pool complex
  • a lake for boating and water sports
  • over 5 miles of marked hiking trails
  • a COPE course renovated in 2021-2022
  • a non-denominational outdoor chapel
  • numerous program areas and pavilions with lighting and electricity

Camp Karoondinha is located near Glen Iron, Pa. and has acres of forest and Penn’s Creek bordering our camp. Camp Karoondinha is dedicated to offering Scouts the chance to experience the beauty of the out-of-doors in a variety of ways including summer resident camping programs, all-year camping opportunities and various activities held at camp. These facilities are for use by Scouts and Scouters from the Susquehanna Council and visiting units from outside our Council. Non-Scouting groups are also welcome to utilize our facilities.

Directions to Camp

Camp Address:

225 Thomas Dam Road
Millmont, PA 17845-9448
GPS Coordinates: 40.85630, -77.2547

225 Thomas Dam Road
Millmont, Pennsylvania 17845

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08:00 AM
10:00 PM

05:00 PM
10:00 AM

Dining Hall
Program Area

Camp Use Policy Back to Top

The Camp Karoondinha facilities are under the direction of the Scout Executive through his designated representative, the Camp Ranger. Regulations and fee schedules are set by the Executive Board of the Susquehanna Council and will be enforced.

The undersigned renter of Camp Karoondinha facilities and/or equipment expressly agrees, intending to be legally bound hereby, to all of the following conditions of rental:

Conditions of Rental

The rental fee is paid by the renter at least two (2) weeks in advance.

All rules and regulations in common use by the Boy Scouts of America pertaining to safety, conduct, leadership and liability are to be followed by the renter while using or occupying Camp facilities. (See below)

Capacities for total youth and adult occupancy are not exceeded. These are limited by code and safety regulations.

No facilities except for the Edna Sheary Lodge are arranged for coed occupation. If the group using Camp is coed, a second building must be rented for separate housing of males and females. Ertel Lodge will accommodate four female leaders.

The use of the Multi-Purpose Building housing the Camp Office and Administrative Living Quarters is restricted to adult Scouters who have specific duties assigned by the Scout Executive or his designee.

The possession or use of any alcohol, illegal drug, or fireworks of any kind are expressly prohibited on any Council-owned property.

Smoking is prohibited in all Council-owned buildings. No open flames are permitted in tents.

The Scout Executive, or his designated representative, the Camp Ranger, may, without notice, close the Camp for safety reasons, or for any other reason which, in their judgment, is considered appropriate.

The renter expressly acknowledges responsibility to pay the Susquehanna Council, Inc. the stated charges for the use of the facilities and/or equipment agreed to  plus all additional fees and charges incurred during the rental period. The renter further agrees to pay all costs within thirty (30) days including labor and legal fees, for repair and/or replacement of any equipment damaged, destroyed, lost or stolen while in the renter’s care, custody or control, regardless of the cause for any such damage.

No agreement of rental for any facilities or equipment of the Susquehanna Council, Inc. exists unless this form is signed by the renter and is received with the Year-Round Rental Application Form and the correct fee is paid two (2) weeks prior to the requested first night of use, and is signed by the Scout Executive.

The Susquehanna Council, Inc., through its Scout Executive, reserves the right to refuse to rent facilities or equipment at any time.

* The renter expressly agrees that the use of any and all facilities and/or equipment pursuant to the agreement will be exclusively at the risk of the renter, and that the renter holds harmless the Susquehanna Council and any employee or agent of the Susquehanna Council for any injury to persons or property arising out of the use of the facilities and/or equipment of the Susquehanna Council. The Organizational Hold-Harmless and Indemnity Agreement will be submitted two (2) weeks prior to use.

The renter expressly agrees that any use of the facilities and/or equipment of the Susquehanna Council will be under appropriate adult leadership and supervision provided by the renter, and that the Susquehanna Council will have no responsibility whatsoever to provide leadership with regard to the use of facilities or equipment pursuant to this agreement.

* The renter will provide Susquehanna Council, Inc. prior to the use of facilities, a certificate of liability insurance with limits for bodily injury and property damage of no less than a combined single limit (CSL) $1,000,000, per occurrence. If other than personally owned vehicles are to be used on Council property, (vehicles owned by a company or organization), then the certificate must include automobile liability limits of no less than a CSL of $500,000.

Renter is responsible for the building, maintaining and extinguishing of fires.

No electric heaters are to be used in buildings except for the Nikomahs-Twiggar Tebins, which have sufficient amperage.


Check In Procedure Back to Top

Upon arriving to camp, please park vehicles in the parking lot and check in with the Campmaster at the Campmaster Office Building (first building on the left as you come into camp).  You will be able to bring one vehicle with you to the cabin to drop off camping supplies.  When checking in with the campmaster, please provide them with a roster of all adults and youth in your contingent.  The campmaster will provide you with any important updates or information that you may need.

Check Out Procedure Back to Top

Before leaving, please be sure you have all personal and contingent items.  Please sweep out your cabin with the provided brooms, make sure any fires are completely out, and all trash has been collected and taken down to the dumpsters (located behind the Maintenance Building - see Campmaster for details if needed).

Before you depart from camp, please check out with the Campmaster.

Cancellation Policy Back to Top

Refund of rental fees will be made only on the following conditions (Less a $100 cancellation fee):

Written notice is given to the Scout Executive two (2) weeks or more, prior to the starting date of the agreed upon rental period.

The Camp is closed by the Scout Executive or his designated representative, the Camp Ranger, during any of the time covered by the rental agreement. Refund will be pro-rated on a half fee/per night of use.

Refunds will not be made if the renter is directed to vacate the Camp premises for failure to comply with any part of this agreement or any State or Federal Laws.

Cancellations with less than two (2) weeks notice will not be elligable for a refund. 

Rental fees from cancelled reservations may only be transferred ahead within the same year and only with the approval of the Scout Executive.

Cleaning Policy Back to Top

A Scout is Clean.  We ask that you leave the camp better than you found it.  This means that all trash has been put into one trash bag, all surfaces have been wiped down, furniture is in its original locations, the floors have been cleaned of trash and swept, ECT.