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Camp Tyler Francis

Located in Sunland Park, New Mexico, Camp Tyler Frances is the Yucca Council's premier location for Unit Events, Council Events, Day Camps, Urban Camping, Unit, District and Council Training and much more!

Ranger Notes

Notes from Ranger

Directions to Camp

From Las Cruces

Keep straight to stay on I-10 E / US-180 E / US-85 S

At Exit 11, head right on the ramp for TX-20 toward Mesa St

Turn right onto TX-20 / N Mesa St

Turn left onto Doniphan Dr

Turn right onto Frontera Rd

Keep straight to stay on Frontera Rd

Turn right onto Girl Scout Ln

Arrive at Girl Scout Ln

The last intersection before your destination is El Centauro Dr

If you reach Gary Ln, you've gone too far


3400 Girl Scout Ln
Sundland Park, New Mexico 88063

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08:00 AM
08:00 PM

12:00 PM
11:00 AM

Program Area Multi-Use
Training Center

Camp Use Policy Back to Top

Please make camp reservations online to schedule your event at least 30 days in advance. Once the event is scheduled the Council Campmaster Coordinator will make arrangements to assign a trained Campmaster for your unit.

The designated Campmaster will contact the unit leader who made the reservations online to confirm your camping dates.

The Campmaster and unit leader should communicate with each other 1-week prior to the check-in date and 24-hours prior to confirm all arrangements.

On the check-in day, the assigned Campmaster will receive your Scout unit and will remain on-site during your stay. The Campmaster is responsible for overall camp operations.

Please turn in a roster of participants including adults upon check-in.

Bring a completed BSA Medical Form (parts A&B) for every participating Scout and adult

All units must follow all Yucca Council and National BSA policies.

At least one adult leader MUST be BALOO/IOLS trained for Scout activities.

Parking is restricted to the parking lot only. ADA parking can be accommodated by contacting the Ranger or Campmaster on duty.

We recommended you bring a wagon or hand cart to transport camping gear from parking lot to campsite.

Any trash or signage must be removed from camp; do not leave anything on camp.

Ground fires are prohibited, with exception of the campfire area. Propane camp stoves are recommended vs charcoal.

ATVs, Mules, Gators, Rhinos, tractors, mowers are prohibited.

Check In Procedure Back to Top

Check in with the Campmaster

Check Out Procedure Back to Top

Check in with the Campmaster

Cancellation Policy Back to Top

As of January, 2024, Cancellation should be made 3-business days prior to the check-in date for a 100% refund. After that, no refunds.