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Cowles Scout Reservation

COWLES SCOUT RESERVATION - Scroll to bottom to view rental options

    Cowles Scout Reservation is located on the North and West shores of Diamond Lake Washington, approximately 40 Miles North of Spokane, just North of Highway 2 East, on Northshore Diamond Lake Road.

       Pick your spot at Cowles Scout Reservation, and, bring your outdoor imagination!

We can provide the perfect venue in the outdoors, for groups large or small, from your family camp-out to a large training event or retreat in the woods. We have facilities for school, church, or club events, a company get-away, your family reunion, weddings … and more.

A land donation by William F. Cowles consisting of “80 acres of forest with 200 feet of sandy beachfront” was originally established as “Camp Cowles”  in 1920.

Cowles Scout Reservation has since grown into a 960 acre, 4 Camp, reservation with almost 2 miles of lakefront on the North and West shores of Diamond Lake Washington. Over the last 10 decades our year-round “camping wonderland in the woods” has hosted camping groups from single families up to nearly 3,000 people at one time.

The reservation is divided generally into 4 diverse camping areas known as Cub County, Camp Foseen, Camp Ponderosa, and Camp Sunrise, each area with different landscape and its own set of outdoor opportunities that can accommodate virtually any camping style.

Note – Potable water on the reservation; The Cub Country, Camp Foseen, and Camp Ponderosa areas are connected to, and supplied with potable water, by the Diamond Lake Water and Sewer System. Potable water is sampled within the reservation weekly. Camp Sunrise is NOT connected to this water system.


     This area is the home of our “Wild West at Cub Country” summer resident Camp for Cub Scouts. This is the oldest, most established area of the reservation sitting on approximately 250 forested acres on the South slope of the ridge below Northshore road. 

     Cub Country consists of 3 areas accessed by 2 Main Entrances, each with large unpaved parking lots (both are bus accessible). The Carbon Lodge Road entrance and Parking Lot - Cub Country resident Camp participants, training groups, and other large event groups utilize this entrance for check-in, unloading, and loading. It is located at the “Wild West at Cub Country” sign. This entrance is on the South side of Northshore Diamond Lake Road, 3.9 miles in, North of Highway 2, turn right onto Carbon Lodge Road then right into the graveled parking lot. The Cub Country Program Area Entrance and Parking Lot - From the Carbon Lodge parking lot, proceed east on Northshore down the hill just past Mile Marker 4, turn right onto Bayview Blvd., proceed on Bayview about 200’ down the hill and turn left into the parking lot.

     “The Carbon Lodge Complex” is located on the Eastern edge of this Cub Country Area along Carbon Lodge Road. This “complex” includes our year-round Carbon Lodge Dining Hall facility, Bunkhouse, and the Main Parking Lot. The seasonal Kiowa Shower House is adjacent to Kiowa Campsite immediately west of the Carbon Lodge Road.  

     “The Campsite area” is located to the East of the Lodge between the graveled Carbon Lodge Road and Bayview Blvd. (a paved county road accessing residential areas on the lake). Within this area are 10 more long-established campsites each with a seasonal potable water point within. 3 rustic seasonal restrooms are located across this area with the seasonal Thunderbird Shower house at the eastern end.

     “The Cub Country Program Area” is the eastern half of Cub Country located South of Northshore Diamond Lake Road and extends East of Bayview Blvd. to the Andrew S. Rosell Firebowl on its eastern edge.

This area includes permanent program structures and activity areas including the fenced waterfront and boat house, swim area, and docks South of the old Finch Lodge, the Rosell Firebowl on the eastern edge, the “Treehouse Complex, a BB-gun Range, a temporary archery range, some other structures now converted into cabins or program activity and storage facilities, along with a 7acre open field activity area on the hillside above the year-round Finch Shower house and restroom facility.


     The Camp Foseen Area is generally considered to be the area West of the Foseen Waterfront on the East, along the lake edge to the South of Carbon Lodge, and West of the “Carbon Lodge Complex” to the Campmaster Road. Foseen is bordered on the North by Northshore Diamond Lake Road.

      This Camp includes the shotgun range, the small bore rifle range, the barn, and a Multi-purpose Range that can be configured for small bore pistol, or archery. Used primarily for shooting sports activities this area is served by seasonal potable water and 2 vault toilets.


     Camp Ponderosa is the area West of the Campmaster Road from the Wetlands North to Northshore Diamond Lake Road, and West to the Reservation property line.

     This area includes the COPE area, the Cope Loop road, the Campmaster Cabin, and undeveloped, managed forest and natural wetlands to the South and West to the western property line.

      Also within Camp Ponderosa are The Bill Burch Outdoor Training Area, and, Order of the Arrow Park are located North of Northshore Diamond Lake Road straddling the top of the ridge and is bordered by the “Good Turn Trail” on the West and McGowan Road on the East and North sides.This area includes the new Outdoor Training Pavilion, lovingly referred to as the “Aardvark Center” by Tom Bitterwolf completed in 2018 with funding provided by Mr. Bitterwolf and his wife. The “Aardvark Center” is central to 8 established campsites, a separate staff camp area, a small parade ground, a Firebowl, and a Chapel area. This area is served by 4 vault toilets, and, seasonal potable water can be supplied from Main Camp with advanced notice.             

Primarily an outdoor training facility since the late 1990’s. This area is the outdoor home to our week-long Woodbadge Adult Leader Training, National Youth Leadership Training, Powder-horn Adult training, and Outdoor Leadership Training sessions.



    The Camp Sunrise Main Entrance is 2 miles (and Highway 2 East on the east side of Northshore Diamond Lake Road.

                                      [A close up of a map Description generated with high confidence]

     The Sunrise Area landscape is mostly forested, and flat (only 6 to 8 feet above the level of Diamond Lake), with natural (protected) wetlands to the north and east. A ¾ mile long east/west dirt “main road” splits camp Sunrise starting at Northshore Road and ending at the wetland area West of Japeechen Island.

     Since being selectively logged in the early 2000’s this area has had over 40,000 plantings of 4 species of native trees and 4 species of wetland shrubs.

     Camp Sunrise is comprised of 3 general areas, the “Encampment Camping Area” (in the N.W. corner), the “Sunrise Activity Area”    (south and west of the wetlands areas), and, the “Japeechen Island Area”.

     A 3.5 mile long Mountain-Bike Trail was established as 3 trail “loops” throughout the  Camp Sunrise Area perimeters in 2018. It can be used for biking, hiking, or snow-shoeing. Each of these “loops” can be used separately or combined into one 3.56 mile-long trail.

The “Encampment Camping Area” at Camp Sunrise

     This area covers about 60 acres in the West end of our 300 acre “Camp Sunrise” and North of the main Sunrise road. It has 18 established tent camping sites surrounding a one-way graveled vehicle access loop, each suitable for 1 to 100 (or more) tent campers. In the center of the loop road is an open activity area with permanent flagpoles. South of the main road adjacent to the Encampment Camping Area entrance is an open 1,000 car parking area.

NOTE; Camp Sunrise is an “Outpost Camping Area”. There are no bathroom or potable water facilities at Camp Sunrise. Currently the Sunrise well and distribution system cannot be used until it is certified by a Water System Engineer and approved by Washington State Dept. of Drinking Water. It will be activated only for annual sampling until state approval.

The “Sunrise Activity Area”

      This area is approximately 150 forested acres, mostly wooded and flat with some open areas. This area can be used for outpost tent camping, hiking, mountain biking, snow shoeing, cross-country skiing, environmental, nature training activities, wildlife observation, and, many other outdoor activities. This area contains the North Loop and South Loop of the Mountain Bike/Hiking Trail around its perimeter.

The “Japeechen Island Area”

      Approximately 90 acres in size. Japeechen Island is located in the Eastern-most end of Camp Sunrise and connected to the Activity Area by a 500 yd. long, one lane, causeway across the wetlands. Japeechen Island rises about 65’ above the west end of Diamond Lake, with protected wetlands on 3 sides.

      This area is primarily used for outpost type tent camping with limited vehicle access. Vehicle access is for maintenance, or, by Ranger permission only. At the base of the West side of the island is our covered muzzle-loader/black-powder firing range, Our Rendezvous site with a its old trapper’s cabin, outdoor cook shack, and forge sits atop the southern end of the island.

     Japeechen Island has supported our High Adventure Mountain Man Rendezvous, Encampment Iron-man competitions, N.Y.L.T. outpost camping, muzzle-loading events, search and rescue training, first responder training, mountain biking and hiking.

      This island forest and wetland habitat supports and provides nesting sites for Bald Eagle, Osprey, Great Blue Herron, and many waterfowl species. Japeechen Island provides habitat for Beaver, Muskrat, Badger, Coyote, White-tail Deer has been known to host the occasional Black Bear, Cougars, Bobcat, Fox, Badger, Moose, and Elk …and … many more wildlife species.

      This area contains the Island Loop of the Mountain Bike/Hiking Trail around its perimeter.




4161 N Shore Diamond Lk Rd
Newport, Washington 99156

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Camp Use Policy Back to Top

Rules for Campground Etiquette and Enjoyment

Welcome to one of the Inland Northwest Council Campgrounds. We hope your stay with us will be relaxing and enjoyable. We’ve prepared this document to clarify our position on behaviors that will assure you have the best camping experience possible. Rules and policies stated herein should be interpreted and used with basic common sense. This is NOT meant to limit your camping experience but to make everyone aware of the do’s and don’ts of camping etiquette and to assure safety to all concerned.

The undersigned (Here-after referred to as “Camper” or “Visitor”) agrees that the following Rules and Regulations shall govern the Camper and any Visitor’s occupancy of a camping site or cabin at the Campground whether the occupancy shall be on a Transient or Seasonal basis. It is agreed that any breach by the Camper or the Camper’s guest of these Rules and Regulations shall constitute grounds for immediate action or eviction from the Campground with no refund of fees. These rules may be amended from time to time in a reasonable fashion. It is the registered Camper’s responsibility to review these Rules and Regulations and share them with everyone on their site. By accepting and paying for a site reservation, all Campers agree to abide by all rules and regulations as follows. Copies are available on our website or at the Campground Office.

ADULT SUPERVISION – Campers/Parents/Guardians are responsible for the safety and behavior of their children, friends of their children, and their guests at all times. Our goal is to make your camping experience safe, relaxing, and fun. We look for your cooperation to attain that goal. Children under the age of 12 should not be allowed to roam the campground freely without adult supervision. Children under 18 cannot be left to occupy a campsite or cabin overnight without adult supervision.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES – Please consume alcohol in moderation in accordance with all Federal, State, and Local laws. Drunkenness, being severely impaired or under the influence, loud or disorderly behavior will not be tolerated. No one under 21 years of age will be allowed to possess or consume alcohol in the campground. All alcoholic beverage containers and waste must be disposed of properly in designated trash receptacles. Drinking in public areas such as the waterfront or Playground areas or in any building other than your rented cabin or reserved dining facility is prohibited. No glass bottles of any kind will be allowed in the waterfront area.

APPEARANCE – The overall, neat appearance and natural beauty of the outdoors is what all campers enjoy most, so please do your part in maintaining your site in this manner. To help in keeping a neat and clean appearance, please refrain from bringing in non-camping items. One gas grill is allowed. It must come equipped with a grease catcher attached to it. Management has sole discretion on “appearance”.

BICYCLES – All bicycles and non-motorized wheeled modes of transportation must be back at your site by dusk. Please have your children adhere to proper bike safety regulations. Bicycles must be parked in the designated areas. No bicycles are allowed in any building or any posted areas. All children under the age of 16 years must wear safety equipment to include a helmet.

BOATS/TRAILERS – Boats/Trailers are not allowed in campsites unless approved by Management. Please make other parking arrangements. Inquire at the Office.

CAMPFIRES – All fires are to be contained within the designated fire ring or pit. We reserve the right to monitor and control the size of all campfires. Fire rings or pits are not to be moved. No fires shall be left unattended and must be extinguished before retiring or leaving the site. Dumping of charcoal or ashes in the woods is strictly prohibited. Please make arrangements with management for ash removal if necessary. Fire extinguishers available at the office. Safety First.

CIGARETTES/TOBACCO/CANNABIS – Smoking and Vaping in any building on the campground premises is prohibited and will result in immediate eviction and removal. Please do not throw or deposit cigarette or cigar butts on the grounds. The discarding of cigarette butts can be done in a neat & safe manner either by burning them or putting them in the proper receptacle containers. Cigarette/cigar butts left on the ground are not healthy for children or animals. No chewing tobacco or snuff shall be used if such use involves spitting on the ground. Smoking in posted public areas such as the waterfront or playground areas, or within 25 feet of any building will not be tolerated.

INDEMNITY – The use of any equipment or facilities of the campground by any person is at that person’s risk and the registered Camper agrees to indemnify and hold the campground owners harmless from any loss, cost, or damage incurred by it as a result of the activities of the registered Camper, his family members, invitees, and guests.

FIREARMS/DRUGS – The use, display, and possession of firearms, air arms, paintball guns, fireworks, explosives, weapons, and illegal drugs or substances in the campgrounds are strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule will result in immediate eviction and removal of your personal effects and we will notify the authorities. The tossing, throwing, etc. of rocks, stones, or other objects in an unsafe manner is prohibited. This does not prohibit the safe and lawful reservation and use of the Camp Ranges under the supervision of certified Range Safety Officers.

FIREWOOD – Firewood is sold at the store. No cutting of firewood is permitted in the campground or adjoining properties. All firewood brought into the campground must be removed before checkout. Firewood, kindling, and paper must be stored a minimum of 10’ from the campfire ring. No more than two weeks’ worth (½ cord) of firewood will be stored in a site at any given time. Out-of-State firewood is strictly prohibited unless kiln dried. Camper is liable for loss or damage due to insects imported in firewood.

GOLF CARTS – Golf carts are allowed only with prior approval from Owners. A Golf Cart Fee / Permit may apply. Must have proof of insurance on file at the Office. Licensed operators only. See Golf Cart Rules available at the office.

GRAY WATER – State law prohibits the discharge of gray water or black water (sewer) on the ground. The Camper agrees that he/she shall not cause or allow black water or gray water to be emptied on the ground. Sink water or dishwater must be emptied in the sink, outside the bathhouse, or in the dump station.

PARTIES –We encourage family gatherings although; they must be maintained at a level that is not disturbing to the neighboring sites, including during quiet hours. Large group gatherings must register at the office to discuss your plans.

PAYMENTS – Payments are to be paid in advance. Refunds subject to a $10 cancellation fee. Notice deadlines: 48 hours for site rentals, 7 days for Cabins, Rental Units, or any site holiday stays. Balance is due on or before arrival. For seasonal campers, all fees are due and payable per terms of the Rental Agreement. Late payments WILL BE IMPOSED per agreement.

PERSONAL PROPERTY – All personal property brought into the campground is at the Registered Camper’s risk and campground management shall bear no responsibility for the damage, loss, or theft of such property. All campers assume the responsibility of maintaining proper insurance on their camper & personal property. We are not responsible for any damage to any camper or personal property for any reason including an act of God (i.e. wind, lightning, hail, fallen branches, trees, embers that drift onto the property, etc.) accident, fire, or vandalism.

PETS – Pets are welcome but are required to be leashed at all times. Maximum two (2) pets per site. All pets must be registered, and the owner must have copies of the current Rabies Certificate with them and available if requested by the Office. All pet litter must be picked up immediately. Campers who do not pick up after their pets will be asked to leave - with NO refunds. No exceptions. No pets are allowed in the Store or dining facilities. Pets are not to be left unattended or allowed to roam freely at any time. Barking or growling dogs will not be tolerated. On a complaint of noise, one warning will be issued. In the event such barking or roaming, or any other infraction continues, the Registered Camper shall either remove the pet from the campground or shall leave the campground immediately. Animals demonstrating aggressive behavior to persons or other pets will not be given a warning. Owners will remove the animal from the campground immediately. If not so removed, the registered camper shall leave the campground with no refund of payment for site rental. We want everyone to enjoy his or her camping experience, pet owners and non-pet owners alike. Visitors/guests may not bring pets to the campground.

QUIET HOURS – Quiet hours are from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. The quality of rest and relaxation is important to all campers so please refrain from loud noises and disturbances during this period. The volume level for all stereos, radios, TV, instruments or other noise-making devices must be at a minimum during this time. Gauge: If you can hear it from outside your camper, it’s too loud! Please lower voices after 10:00 PM during quiet hours, remember, your voice carries. Any conversations, joke-telling, storytelling, laughter, etc. shall be kept to a low volume to not bother other campers. During non-quiet hours the Registered Camper or guest shall not operate any radio, stereo, TV, instruments, or other noise-making devices at such an unreasonable volume level to be a disturbance to any other campers. Electric bug lights/bug zappers must be turned off during quiet hours.

RESTROOMS/SHOWERS – To avoid accidents or injury in these areas, it is requested that an adult accompany children under 8 years of age to all restrooms/showers.

SEWER HOOKUPS – Some sites have a sewer hookup for Recreational Vehicles. Instructions for proper use are available at the camp office. All campers shall use toilet paper designed for recreational vehicles so that paper clogs can be avoided. Allow your tanks to fill up to ¼ full to allow solids to “float”. Gate valves must not be left open on the black water tank until you are ready for purging. An open gate valve on your gray water tank could result in foul and hazardous septic odors (methane gas) outside and may end up inside your camper. Do not dispose of paper towels, clothing, sanitary napkins, grease, dog feces, rocks, food scraps, or anything that is not human waste or dishwater in the sewer system. Any plumbing issues caused by the camper will be corrected at the camper's expense.

SELF CONTAINED CAMPERS AND MOTORHOMES – May be assessed a $20 sewer fee for initial dumping on arrival. This initial sewer fee will be waived if the registered camper demonstrates that the black water holding tank is empty on arrival / BEFORE connection.

SPEED LIMIT – A maximum speed of 5 miles per hour throughout the campground will be tolerated, including all vehicles, golf carts, bicycles, motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, or any other wheeled method of transportation. Safety is our #1 concern.

TRASH – All trash must be removed from all sites and areas used within the campgrounds. Campers are asked to clean up after themselves and maintain the integrity of our outdoor environment. The trash receptacles and dumpsters in the campgrounds are for campground use only. Please do not bring in outside waste and put it in our dumpsters.

TREES – Do not cut, trim, strip, nail, or damage trees or vegetation in any way. All landscaping elements (trees, flowers, shrubs, stones, fencing, etc.) remains the property of the Campground. If any landscaping element is creating a problem in its location or growth, please inform management who may approve altering the element. We may, at our discretion, provide you a credit for work you've done to your site. Please see management.

VEHICLES – Registered vehicles only. Limit one vehicle allowed per campsite. Additional vehicles must be left in the parking lot. Vehicles shall not be used to drive around the campground to view the property or visit other campsites. Washing of motor homes or other vehicles is allowed in the sites with permission. No changing of fluid such as oil, gas, or antifreeze shall be allowed. No repairs shall be made to vehicles except emergency repairs. Do not park on other campsites without asking for availability.

VISITORS/GUESTS – Any person or persons who are not named on the initial registration form as a “Registered Camper”, and who has entered the campground is considered a visitor. All-day visitors must leave the campground by 9 p.m. unless registered as an overnight guest and have paid the applicable fee. Overnight visitors may check-in after 3 p.m. and must check out at the office and leave the campground by 11:00 a.m. or an additional fee may be applied.

WATERFRONT AREAS – NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY – Waterfront hours are 10:00 a.m. to dusk. All swimming and waterfront use is at your own risk. Please provide your own life jackets. Swimming is not permitted during thunderstorms. No children under 12 years old shall be allowed to use the waterfront unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. Parties at the waterfront are not allowed unless arrangements have been made at the office as it is a public area. NO nude swimming by anyone at any age. Glass bottles, glass cups, or any glass containers or dishes are strictly prohibited in the waterfront area. It’s a safety issue. Broken glass will shut down the area until properly cleaned. No food or drink shall be allowed in the water itself. Floats, rafts, canoes, or inflatable toys are allowed in the water so long as it doesn't interfere with the enjoyment of others.

Check In Procedure Back to Top

Check-In Procedure Back to Top

Please call Ranger Leo @ 509-758-7575 an hour before you plan to arrive at Camp. Together with Ranger Leo your “ETA” can be determined, and Ranger Leo can share verbal directions if needed, and, arrange a meeting point. He can also give an update on “real-time” weather, road conditions and restrictions near Camp, along with the current Fire Danger Level, etc.

Please call Ranger Leo upon your arrival so he can meet you as soon as possible to give you updated information on camp activity, safety concerns, and current camp conditions (such as burn ban information, camping facility updates or trail availability due to weather/maintenance). You will then be shown where your site or cabin is located and have an opportunity to ask any questions needed. Unload your gear and enjoy your stay!

*If you are interested in doing a service project while on the property, please contact Ranger Leo at least a week ahead of time to discuss the scope of service work projects, availability of tools and materials as well as Safety considerations. He will need to know the number of people participating, the general age/ability of the group, and when, during your stay, you would like to do it.

             PLEASE DO NOT block the gates, roads, trails, or public roadways around camp for any reason. Blocked Camp access can greatly diminish the effectiveness of first responders and Emergency vehicles if a need arises. For obvious safety reasons trails, roads, and program areas are for people…vehicles belong in parking lots. If vehicle access to campsites is approved for unloading or loading gear, park to the side of the trail and please limit the number of vehicles going up the roads to sites to one or two at a time. You will be asked to move your vehicle to a parking lot after unloading or loading.

Check Out Procedure Back to Top

Check Out Procedure Back to Top

Let Ranger Leo know if you would like to depart ahead of time.

Ranger Leo will meet with you before you leave to double-check the areas you used.

Leave your campsites, bathrooms, and buildings better than you found them. Make sure you have all your things!

Drive home safely and come back again!

Cancellation Policy Back to Top

Any Reservation can be canceled up to 14 days prior with no penalty.

Starting 14 days before arrival only 50% of the reservation fee will be refunded.

After the reservation begins no refunds will be available.

Cancellation Policy Back to Top

Any Reservation can be canceled up to 14 days prior with no penalty.

Starting 14 days before arrival only 50% of the reservation fee will be refunded.

After the reservation begins no refunds will be available.