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Camp Tahquitz / Will J. Reid Scout Reservation

Located at 41700 State Hwy 38, Camp Tahquitz sits on one square mile (640 acres) of pristine forestland in the Angelus Oaks area of the San Bernardino Mountains.

Ranger Notes

Camp water system is winterized from November through April.  Please plan to bring water and containers.  We can refill water containers onsite.

Directions to Camp


41700 State Highway 38 Angelus Oaks, Ca 92305

From Los Angeles area, take the I‐605 Freeway north to the I‐10 Freeway. Head east on I‐10 past the I‐210 Freeway to the Orange St. / Hwy 38 exit. Take the Orange Street exit one block to the traffic light at Orange Street. Turn left onto Orange Street and drive about ½ mile to

Lugonia Ave/Hwy 38. Turn right and continue Lugonia Avenue through the City of Mentone.

Continue east on Lugonia Ave./Hwy 38 approximately 23 miles into the San Bernardino Mountains. Stay on Hwy 38. and stay to the right.

Drive carefully both up and down the mountain!

41700 State Highway 38
Angelus Oaks, California 92305

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Dining Hall

Camp Use Policy Back to Top

Fire Safety

Camp Tahquitz is in a high fire danger area.

Open flames, other than the camp‐provided fire rings, are not allowed in camp. Wood campfires are not allowed.

Propane and Butane stoves and lanterns are permitted. All other liquid fuels are prohibited Battery operated lanterns are strongly recommended.

Internal combustion generators CAN NOT be used in camp.

Fireworks of any kind are strictly prohibited.

Wilderness Warnings

Camp Tahquitz is in a wilderness setting featuring plants and animals that can hurt people. We are only visitors here; they live here year‐round, so please respect their space.

Be sure that small children are always supervised by parents.

Bear Aware

There are bears in the San Bernardino Mountains, and they have been known to arrive at campsites without warning. They come into the camp looking for food; if they do not find any they will wander away. However, if they find food, they may decide to stick round and see if they can get more food!

Bears have an acute sense of smell ‐ please be sure to have all food stored safety, and not left outside.

Put anything with a scent in the bear box located in each campsite. This includes personal toiletries and smellables (including deodorant, soap, shampoo, toothpaste) which should be stored in the bear box located in each campsite.

No food of any kind is allowed in any tent at any time, including any spilled food on your clothes!

We do not recommend storing food in your car, as bears have been known to break car windows to investigate anything that smells interesting.

We will gladly store any food or ice chests in the camp commissary overnight. Please check with the Ranger upon arrival for procedures on how to store food and smellables in the commissary.

To discourage bears from entering the camp area, trash should only be disposed of in designated trash containers in each campsite. Once a day in the evening, the trash liners will be picked up and removed from the designated pickup location.  See attached.

What should you do if you encounter a bear?

Never provoke a bear – Do NOT take flash pictures, try to get a closer look or throw things at it. Give adult bears and cubs a wide berth.

Make a lot of noise if the bear approaches your campsite and is still at least 100 yards away. If the bear is closer than 100 yards, leave the area.

Do not Run! Do not try to save your gear, it can be replaced – you cannot.

If you awaken to a bear around you or your tent, start talking in a calm voice. Do not play dead or try to hit the bear. If the bear is far enough away and you can move, slowly back away. Do not run!

Do not feed the bear! If a bear starts to rely on human food and trash, it becomes a nuisance bear – and might have to be killed. As the Forest Service says, “A fed bear is a dead bear”.

First Aid

We strongly recommend that you bring your own first aid kit to handle minor injuries.

If you have a medical emergency beyond first aid, please dial 911, and then notify Director so he can be on the lookout for emergency personnel and direct them to the proper location.


Spring temperatures and elevation my lead to dehydration during physical activities.

Family members must bring their own water container and always take it with them.

Each person should drink at least 3 cups of water every hour during the day, and drink before feeling thirsty.

Check In Procedure Back to Top


Check‐in time is can begin anytime after 2PM.

The main entrance to Camp Tahquitz is about 1/2‐mile past Jenks Lake Road, and just past the Camp Tahquitz bridge that crosses Highway 38. The main entrance is on the RIGHT (south) side of the highway. Enter through the big stone columns that say “Camp Tahquitz”.

The leader MUST stop at the Ranger House upon arrival at camp to check in.

Check Out Procedure Back to Top

Campsite Clean‐Up

A scout leaves the camping area cleaner than when they found it!

Check‐out time is 11:00 am

Participants are responsible to practice “Leave No Trace”.

Pick up all trash, remove all personal gear, leave trash at pick‐up stations, clean the campsite.

When your campsite is cleaned and you are all packed, please advise the Joe you are leaving.

Cancellation Policy Back to Top

 In case of cancellation, fees already paid will be refunded @ 50% of the amount of the deposit. Refunds will not be given if cancellations are made within two (2) weeks of arrival date except in the case of adverse weather or the council closes the camp. In these instances we will either hold the monies for a future stay, or provide a full refund.