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Camp Sol R Crown - Miller Cabin

The Jonathan Miller Cabin is a great indoor camping facility for 28 people, and is open year-round. It includes a kitchen, bathrooms (1 is ADA compliant).  The 2 private sleeping quarters sleep 2 adults each (2 beds each room), while the large group sleeping space has 24 beds.

NOTE:  You will need to bring your own kitchen equipment: cookware, utensils, etc.


The security deposit must now be paid online with a credit card, and will be refunded after your weekend if

  • You check out with the caretaker and pass inspection.
  • There is no undue wear or damage found, you will be informed of those details at check out.
    • The amount to repair or replace items will be subtracted from your security deposit amount within your online reservation, and you will be refunded the balance to that credit card.  If the card has expired you will be contacted so we can update the information.
    • If it is determined more funds are required, it will be added to your online reservation as additional fees and you will be notified to make the additional payment online.

05:00 PM
12:00 PM

Facility Amenities

Facility Use Policy Back to Top
• Detailed cleaning instructions can be found in the building.
• Cleaning equipment is provided in the Miller Cabin
• Please leave empty cleaning bottles for refill.
• Floors must be swept and mopped prior to check-out.
• Stove and oven must be cleaned including drip pans under burners.
• Refrigerator/freezer must be emptied and cleaned. Wipe down inside and outside surfaces.
• Restrooms must be cleaned prior to checkout. Sinks and toilets must be cleaned and the floor must be swept and mopped.
Camp Use Policy Back to Top

IMPORTANT:  As the person completing this reservation for your unit or group, it is your responsibility to share these rules and polices with everyone who will be participating in this reservation.  Failure to know and understand these rules and policies will not be accepted as an excuse for breaking them.

Failure to abide by the Northeast Illinois Council rules and policies may not only result in immediate expulsion from the campground of everyone in your unit or group, but may prohibit your unit or group from camping at any of our campgrounds, or using any of our facilities, in the future.

Camp Rules

General Camp Rules

  • Every unit or group must have two-deep leadership at all times. At least one leader must be 21 years of age. The other must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Discipline of each group is the responsibility of the adult leader in charge. Individuals should respect the camping areas of others and only enter with permission.
  • BSA Guidelines for coed camping must be followed.
  • Firearms, fireworks or large hunting knives may not be brought to camp. A knife must fold.
  • No chain saws in camp.
  • Alcohol is prohibited in camp. Violation of this policy will result in your group/unit being asked to leave camp and forfeit all fees.
  • No smoking in ANY camp building or in view of any youth.
  • No tampering with smoke detectors, exit signs, fire extinguishers, carbon monoxide alarms or any other life safety device.
  • Do not create your own fire pit or fire ring.  Only use what is available, in the designated area.
  • Outdoor fires must be supervised by and adult until extinguished. No fires within 50 feet of any building.
  • Swimming is not permitted in any pond or stream.
  • No motorcycles, ATV’s
  • Pets are not allowed in camp.
  • Cutting of trees is not permitted.
  • Gambling is not allowed in camp.
  • Restrooms in the Jadel Training Center at Camp Crown are for use by all units within camp, and can be accessed by tent camping units from outdoors.  Be respectful of those who have reserved the Jadel Center by keeping it clean.
  • Outdoor restrooms at our campgrounds are best used by the units camping nearby, for cleaning purposes.  But, if your unit needs to use one elsewhere, please be respectful by keeping it clean (whether another unit is camping nearby, or not).
  • Restrooms in the Miller Cabin can only be used by units who have reserved it.
  • At least one adult must be present during check-out.
  • Fires must be reasonable (safe height) and be “dead” out at time of departure.
  • Cooking fires and campfires are only permitted in established fire rings and fire scars.
  • Support the principles of “Leave no Trace”.

Vehicles and Parking

  • Please keep driving through camp to a minimum.  Walk whenever possible.
  • All roads must be clear for emergency and camp vehicles.
  • Park in designated areas only.  Do not park in campsites.
Check In Procedure Back to Top

Check-in Times: 

  • FRIDAY 5 PM (or later)
  • SATURDAY 9 AM (or later)
  • SUNDAY 9 AM (or later, for daytime only reservations)

Check-in Procedures:  

  • Check in with the Caretaker or Campmaster before going to your reserved area or campsite. 
  • Complete the Check-In inspection and record all cleanliness and/or physical damage observations on the Check-In form, as applicable. Sign the form.
  • Turn in Unit Roster. 
  • Do not pick or change sites without verifying their availability; they might be reserved for another group arriving later than you.
Check Out Procedure Back to Top

Check-Out Procedure

  • Check-Out with the Campmaster or Caretaker. Complete the Check-Out inspection and record all cleanliness and or/physical damage observations on the Check-Out form. Sign the form.
  • Check-out time is 12 PM, unless preapproved by the council's program assistant.  Email if an extension is needed.
Cancellation Policy Back to Top

Northeast Illinois Council, BSA

Refund Policy for Program Activities

The purpose of the refund structure is to help support the purchase of materials for events in a timely manner and to protect the event against a sudden loss of participation, when said material has been purchased.  It also protects the event when spots are limited and the request is not made with enough time to fill that spot for the event.​

Payments will be reimbursed following these guidelines:

  • A full refund will be given if the registration is canceled within 7 days of completing the registration
  • A full refund of all fees and deposits will be provided if refund request is made more than 30 days before the date of the event.
  • A refund of all fees less the deposit amount will be provided for requests within 8-30 days of the event date.
  • No refund will be issued for requests within 7 days of the event, or if you fail to attend the event.
  • Full refunds will be provided if the request is made up to 30 days after the event, if a medically valid request is made and includes a physician's note when appropriate.
  • In the case of limited participation events, no refund will be issued for requests made less than 30 days before the event, unless the reserved spot is filled by a waitlist participant or new participant.

NOTE:  In the event a program or activity is canceled by Northeast Illinois Council due to COVID-19 restrictions, a full refund will be given.

Cleaning Policy Back to Top


  • Leave No Trace policies apply to all campsite upkeep.
  • Make sure any campfires are out completely before leaving, and that the fire ring or scar has been cleaned out for the next unit.

Cleaning of Outhouses/latrines

  • Outhouses (that your unit used) should be swept prior to departure.  Be respectful of the building and toiletry supplies you have been provided.

Garbage and Recycling

  • Garbage and recyclable items should be separated.
  • Garbage should be placed in the dumpster behind the Jadel Training Center.
  • Recyclables should be placed in the recycling dumpster behind the Jadel Training Center.