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Welcome to Northeast Illinois Council's camp and facility rental system!


Each of the Northeast Illinois Council's camps has something special to offer your group.

Several types of indoor facilities are available, as well as rustic campsites.

Start by clicking the "NEIC Camps menu" tab above to see what is available for your outdoor adventure. 


Scouts: All Cub Scout Packs, Scouts BSA Troops, Venturing Crews, and Sea Scout Ships can utilize the camps for hiking, camping, fishing, and various other activities.

Non-Scouts: Non-Boy Scouts of America groups (i.e., Girl Scout Units, church groups, or other recognized organizations) may also want to consider utilizing our camps for their next retreat or camping adventure.  

Security Deposits: All Units are charged security deposits for campsite and building reservations. The security deposit will be refunded if your checkout goes well when leaving camp (you followed Leave No Trace policies). If it does not go well (messy or damaged campsite or building), your camp contacts will be provided details (always provide two) and the new refund amount, if any, or additional fees that have been added.

Processing Fees: Credit card transactions have a 3% processing fee. E-check transactions have a 0.5% processing fee*

*Choose the Mail-in Payment Option (it looks like an envelope) to avoid these fees. It shuts off 15 days before the event so make sure to complete your camping reservation before that date.