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Camp Frank S Betz - Donovan's Glen

Large campsite along the bluff looking out over Lake Chapin. Has one of the best views in camp. It is very near War Horse bathroom facility.

05:00 PM
11:00 AM

Facility Amenities

Camp Use Policy Back to Top

Policies for Safety and Vandalism

1.All activities will conform to BSA National Guidelines as set forth in the GUIDE TO SAFE SCOUTING.

2. The Scout Oath and Law apply to all in this camp.

3. All vehicles will be parked in designated PARKING areas, not campsites. No violations will be tolerated or permitted except in case of emergency or as designated by the Camp Master. Only drive on the designated  road and adhere to the posted speed limit.

4. Alcohol, drugs, pets, tobacco products, firearms and fireworks are prohibited  and under a Zero Tolerance Policy.

5. Build fires in properly designated areas and NEVER leave unattended.

6. All camp property, buildings and trees are not to be damaged in any way. The unit or group renting at the camp assumes full responsibiblity for any loss or damage to equipment. 

Check In Procedure Back to Top


  • You will get a call or email from your Campmaster prior to arrival.  Please be sure to inform him of your approximate arrival time (Chicago Time).  Be sure to get a cell phone number for the Campmaster for your weekend.
  • Each unit MUST turn in a complete list of all participants with an emergency contact name & number. This is required!
  • When you arrive at camp, check in with the Campmaster at Anderson Lodge. (This is the first cabin you see as you enter camp.)  If Campmaster is not present, call him on the cell number you received earlier in the week, as he may be checking in another unit.
  • Reminder: THE SPEED LIMIT IN CAMP IS 5 MPH. Driving off the roads or on campsite trails is not permitted. A trailer and up to two vehicles may stay at North Cabin or South Cabin.  All other vehicles must be parked in one of the two parking lots.
  • Unit leader and Campmaster will go through the building or campsite and check its condition.  Any prior damage needs to be noted on the check-in form.  When you check out you will go through this again.
  • Please remind Scouts not to use the rails on the bunk beds to pull themselves into the bunk, as this will break the welds.

The Frank S Betz Properties Committee has undertaken a program to continually upgrade the camp. This effort is being funded by voluntary donations, Michigamea Lodge, Order of the Arrow, and Pathway To Adventure Council.  A lot of the work is done by volunteers.  Please respect the property and be sure you Scouts do not vandalize it.  Please leave the property better than you found it.

If you are looking for a service project, your Campmaster can help you find a project.  It is best to ask for your service project during the call or email prior to coming to camp.

Check Out Procedure Back to Top

Camp Frank S Betz - Check-Out Procedures

  • Before leaving you must checkout with the Campmaster or caretaker before leaving camp.
  • Be sure to clean all areas you used, empty grease traps on stoves, and mop all floors in cabins.
Cancellation Policy Back to Top

Cancelations must be received in writing no less than thirty (30) days prior to arrival at Camp for a refund.

No refund if less than 30 days.

Cleaning Policy Back to Top

When renting building(s) and/or campsites please leave everything in better condition than you found it.  All garbage will be disposed of in designated disposal areas. Floors are to be swept and mopped.  All itsy-bitys in campsites are to be picked up.  A cleaning fee will be assessed if property is not left in an acceptable condition.