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Camp Frank S Betz

Camp Frank S Betz is a 57 acre preserve in continuous service since 1922. The camp provides great outdoor opportunities for individual units, district, council, and outside groups. 

14 wooded campsites are available for use.  All sites are equipped with picnic tables and campfire rings and have access to water either in-site or nearby.  Some sites are equipped with electricity and/or a dining shelter.

The dining hall and 2 cabins are heated and available for winter rental. Each building contains refrigerators and cooking facilities.  All buildings are accessible.

Shooting sports activities are available at the rifle/BB gun, archery and sling shot ranges with prior approval and proper supervision.

Camp Betz is located on Lake Chapin and the St. Joseph River.  Canoes are available for rental to qualified units.

Lake Michigan & Warren Dunes State Park is a short drive away. 

Ranger Notes
  • The speed limit at Camp Betz is 5 miles per hour.
  • Vehicles must travel only on main camp roads and are required to park only in designated areas.
  • All garbage must be placed in the dumpsters before you leave camp.  Any garbage cans in campsites must be emptied before you leave. 
    • Dumpster is in the main parking lot from late Fall through early Spring, and near the maintenance barn the rest of the year.
  • Water hydrants are pressure systems, do not pump the handle. Gently, pull handle up for water. Gently, lower handle to shut water off.
  • All restrooms are to be cleaned at the end of your stay.  All units staying in camp are to cooperate in the cleaning of the restrooms before leaving camp. 
  • Please leave the camp in the condition you would like to see when you arrive. 
  • Respect our neighbors – do not wander off camp property.
  • Please notify the Camp-Master if your unit will be leaving camp for other activities during your stay.
  • In case of an accident, please complete the council accident form (available from the Camp Master) and provide a copy to the Ranger.

Camp Betz Improvements

The property is maintained and under continuous improvement efforts by the Camp Betz Properties Committee members and other volunteers.  The results of these efforts are aided by volunteer fund raising, in-kind donations, the Order of the Arrow, and the Pathway To Adventure Council Board designated funds.

While at camp, please consider helping to improve the camp with a service project.  The Camp Master has a list of service projects for units large and small.

Your cooperation and assistance in taking care of the camp will help us to continue these improvements and preserve Camp Betz for future generations of Scouts.

Directions to Camp

Directions to Camp Frank S. Betz

3858 Snow Road, Berrien Springs, Michigan 49103

The camp entrance is marked by the yellow and blue Camp Betz sign on Snow Road.

  • GPS coordinates of main entrance to camp: 41.926233, -86.366352
  • Camp Caretaker : Mike Acevedo 269-208-7771

Camp Frank S. Betz is located on the St. Joseph River near Berrien Springs, Michigan. It is approximately:

  • 75 miles from the Robert J Welsh Service Center in Munster, IN
  • 97 miles from downtown Chicago
  • 107 miles from the LaGrange Service Center
  • 127 miles from the Arlington Heights Service Center

Directions A (I 94 into Michigan):

Head East to Indiana/Michigan on either:

  • From the South Suburbs:
    • Interstate 80/94 East towards Michigan
  • From Chicago or the North Suburbs:
    • Interstate 94 East towards Michigan
    • OR
    • Interstate 90 out of Chicago. At Indiana exit 21 exit onto I94 East towards Michigan
  • From West Suburbs:

    • Interstate 294 South/East towards Indiana/Michigan

    • Merge onto Interstate 80/94 towards Indiana/Michigan

From Interstate 94:

  • Exit at Bridgeman, Michigan (Exit 16)
  • Turn right at bottom of ramp and proceed 1 mile to Lake Street (first stop light)
  • Turn right on Lake Street, follow 14 miles to Red Bud Trail
    • Lake Street turns into Shawnee Road
  • Turn right onto Red Bud Trail [Four Way Stop] Proceed 1 mile to Snow Road.
  • Turn Left onto Snow Road Proceed ¾ mile.
  • Camp Entrance is clearly marked on the right side of the road.


Directions B (Indiana Toll Road):

  • Head East to Indiana/Michigan:
    • From Chicago/North Suburbs:
      • - Interstate 90 (Chicago Skyway) out of Chicago. 
        • Stay on the Indiana Toll road when it merges into I 80 at exit 21.
    • From South/West Suburbs
      • Interstate 80/94 from the South Suburbs,
        • Merge onto Indiana Toll Road I80/90 east.(exit 16)
  • From the Indiana Toll Road
    • Exit on US 31 North to Michigan (Exit 72 - toll)
    • Exit on Snow Road (Exit 13) in Berrien Springs, Michigan
    • At the top of the exit ramp turn right onto Snow Road heading west.
    • Camp Entrance is clearly marked on the left side of the road ½ mile from the exit ramp.
3858 E Snow Rd
Berrien Springs, Michigan 49103

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08:00 AM
11:00 PM

05:00 PM
11:00 AM

Program Area

Camp Use Policy Back to Top



All activities at Camp Frank S Betz should be run in accordance with the National Camping Standards of the Boy Scouts of America, The Guide to Safe Scouting, and the Health and Safety Guide of the Boy Scouts of America.

  • Two-deep leadership, BSA Youth Protection policies, and buddy system must be enforced at all times.
  • Adult leaders are responsible for the actions of their group.
  • Scouts and leaders should not enter closed program areas, construction sites or maintenance and storage facilities.
  • Everyone should obey all notices and signs posted in camp.
  • Only those over the age of 18 may operate any power equipment in camp, including personally owned equipment.


Intoxicating beverages and illicit drugs are not allowed in camp.

  • The Ranger and Camp Master have been instructed to enforce this policy and will ask the person(s) in violation to remove themselves from camp immediately.

Violators are subject to a permanent ban and possible revocation of BSA membership.


  • Camp Betz speed limit is 5 miles per hour.
  • All vehicles are allowed only on designated camp roads and must be parked in the main (upper) parking lot by Peace Pony or in the lower parking lot.
  • Private vehicles are not allowed on campsite trails or service roads, no exceptions!  Only a trailer and two vehicles may be parked at buildings during unit use.
  • Electric Vehicles: The camp does not have vehicle charging facilities.  Vehicles are not permitted to be connected to camp buildings or any other electrical outlets on camp property.


  • A trailer and up to two vehicles may be parked in the designated parking areas near the Thunderbird Dining Hall, Pinetree, North Cabin, or South Cabin when units are renting those facilities.
  • All other vehicles must be in one of the parking lots.
  • No other vehicles are permitted beyond the parking lot.  Exceptions to this rule are as follows:
    • Emergency vehicles
    • Vehicle needed due to medical reasons.
    • Camp vehicles and authorized work vehicles
  • No Recreation Vehicles are allowed in campsites. RVs must remain in the parking lot at all times.


  • No outside firewood is allowed at Camp Betz.  We have plenty of firewood for your use, please use some of it up, by enjoying a fire during your stay.
  • Campfires are allowed only when the Scouts have earned the Firem’n Chit card and must have the card with them.
  • Permission must be secured from the unit leaders before starting a fire.
  • Fire must be always confined to the established fire ring and under adult supervision.
  • Follow Leave No Trace Guidelines and BSA safe campfire practices.
    • Use existing fire rings – do not create new fire rings or ground scars.
    • Do not leave fires unattended.
    • Build fires appropriately sized for their use.
    • Have a fireguard station nearby (tools, water)
    • Keep tents & flys a safe distance away.
      • Let campfires burn all the way out.
      • Use only enough wood as you are willing and able to stay up to watch.
    • If there is partially burned wood in or near your fire ring, use it to feed fires.
  • Keep firewood rack/supply neat and orderly.
  • Please re-stock from nearby pile if available


  • Sweep and mop floors  before leaving. 
  • Clean all kitchen equipment including the grease trays on the stove and griddle. 
  • Do not use the safety rails on the bunk beds to climb into the top bunks, as this will damage the beds.


  • Tents are only permitted in official campsites.  Keep tents out of roadways and fields.
  • Do not infringe on other campers - use only the site assigned to your unit.
  • Keep inside your site boundaries – do not set up tents or other equipment on the road or in pathways.
  • Do not move picnic tables from another site to yours.
  • Respect other campers:
    • Do not enter another unit’s site without permission.
    • Observe quiet time (10 pm to 7 am)


  • Secure all food in lockable containers or in your unit trailer. 
  • Do not leave waste or extra food out for animals. 
  • Clean dishes in your campsite, not in the restrooms.


  • Units are required to remove all trash from their site or building to the dumpster before being allowed to leave camp.
  • Garbage cans are provided in campsites during the summer months.
  • Garbage cans are available from the Camp-Master during the winter months.
  • The unit is responsible for retrieving and returning the can to storage.
  • Use bags inside the cans. Units supply their own trash bags.
  • Dumpster is in the main parking lot from late Fall through early Spring, and near the Maintenance Barn the rest of the year.
  • No food, trash, or dishwater should be dumped in the washstand or restroom  sinks.


  • Scouts will use the buddy system for all activities at camp.
    • All BSA rules and guidelines) regarding woods tools (including Totin’ Chip must be enforced by units in camp. 
      • No sheath knives are permitted on camp property.
  • Closed toe shoes must be worn outside at all times.
  • Prohibited Items:
    • Firearms or ammunition.
    • Fireworks of any kind.
    • Drugs or alcoholic beverages.
    • Smoking: Scouts are prohibited and adults are asked to do it out of sight of the Scouts.  
    • Aerosol cans
    • Personal chainsaws are prohibited in camp per order of BSA National
    • Riding in the back of open trucks, trucks with toppers or trailers is NOT ALLOWED at any time.
    • No tent trenches.
  • Restricted Activities:
    • No camp gadgets are to be constructed without the permission of the Scoutmaster.
    • Running is not permitted in campsites, buildings or on camp trails.
    • Tree climbing is not permitted.
    • Cutting of live trees is not permitted.
    • Stoves, lanterns, heaters, or any appliance using liquid fuel are to be used under adult supervision.
    • Bulk storage of liquid fuels must be in accordance with accepted safety standards as outlined by BSA policy.
    • PETS: No pets of any kind are permitted in camp.
      • Pets owned by the camp's resident Ranger and the Ranger's family are exempted.
    • Marking, embellishing, or driving nails or screws into camp property.
  • Shooting Sports:
    • Firearms are not permitted in camp unless they are being incorporated into an established range activity being operated under BSA standards.
    • Prior arrangements must be made with the Pathway to Adventure Shooting Sports Committee Chair before entering camp with firearms or bow and arrows.
    • Firearms and bow and arrows must be surrendered to the Camp Master upon entering camp.
    • The Camp Master will store all firearms, bow and arrows, and ammunition.
    • See special program requirements for use of the rifle and archery ranges.
    • Fish in the fishing area only, do not fish in the swimming area.
    • An adult must be present at all times on the waterfront to fish.
    • Michigan fishing licenses are required.
Check In Procedure Back to Top


  • You will get a call or email from your Camp Master some time during the week prior to arrival.  
    • Please inform himor her of your approximate arrival time (Chicago Time).  
    • Be sure to get a cell phone number for the Camp Master for your weekend.
  • Each unit MUST turn in a complete list of all participants with an emergency contact name & number. This is required!
  • When you arrive at camp, follow the "Unit Check-In" signs to check in with the Camp Master at Anderson Lodge.
    • This is the first cabin you see on the left as you enter camp.
    • If the Camp Master is not present, call him or her on the cell number you received earlier in the week, as they may be checking in another unit.
    • Driving off the roads or on campsite trails is not permitted.
    • One trailer and up to two vehicles may park outside North, South or Pine Tree Cabins.  
    • All other vehicles must be parked in one of the two parking lots.
  • Unit leader and Camp Master will go through the building or campsite and check its condition.  
    • Any prior damage needs to be noted on the check-in form.  When you check out you will go through this again.
  • Please remind Scouts to use be careful entering the bunk beds, using only the ladders or end to pull themselves into the bunk.

The Frank S Betz Properties Committee has undertaken a program to continually upgrade the camp. This effort is being funded by voluntary donations, Takhone Lodge, Order of the Arrow, and Pathway To Adventure Council.  A lot of the work is done by volunteers.  Please respect the property and be sure your Scouts do not vandalize it.  Please leave the property  as you would like to find it when you arrive.

If you are looking for a service project, your Camp Master can help you find a project.  It is best to ask for your service project during the call or email prior to coming to camp.

Check Out Procedure Back to Top

Camp Frank S Betz - Check-Out Procedures

Prior to checking out with the Camp Master:

  • All unit and personal gear must be removed from campsites.

  • All garbage must be removed from the campsite and/or building.

  • Garbage must be placed in the camp dumpsters before you leave camp.

  • Restroom facilities must be cleaned and free of garbage.

Unit Check-Out

Please leave the camp in the condition you would like to see when you arrive. 

Once your unit is ready to leave, contact the Camp Master, who will inspect the building or campsite with the unit leader.

The Camp Master will lock doors and secure the buildings.

Cancellation Policy Back to Top

Cancelations must be received via email to no less than thirty (30) days prior to arrival at Camp for a refund.

No refund if less than 30 days.

Cleaning Policy Back to Top

When renting building(s) and/or campsites please leave everything in the same, if not better condition than you found it. A cleaning fee will be assessed if property is not left in an acceptable condition.

  • All garbage must be removed from buildings and campsites and placed in dumpster.
  • Building floors are to be swept and mopped. 
  • All itsy-bitys in campsites are to be picked up.