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Camp Shenandoah

222 Boy Scout Lane
Swoope, Virginia 24479

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Camp Use Policy Back to Top

CHECK-IN/CHECK-OUT: Units or groups must check in with either the Ranger or Campmaster upon arrival to
review the usage policy, rules for use and activities scheduled for the weekend.
Friday check-in time is 5PM—8PM. Saturday: 8AM—10AM. Sunday check-out is 9AM—11AM.
CAMPING: Units must camp at the site designated by the Council or Ranger on site during the use. Do not remove
items from the campsites or move the platforms.
HIKING: Units hiking on camp property should stay on trails and avoid damaging vegetation along the route of the
hike. Extra caution should be used during hunting season. It is suggested that you wear bright colored clothing and
stay on Camp property. Ask us for information if you want to hike our Boundary Trail.
FIRES: Unless noted, fires are allowed in camp but only in the designated fire rings of campsites. Firewood foraged
from ground must be used. No felling of any trees, alive or dead is allowed. Fires must be completely extinguished
after use. Never leave fires unattended! Do not bring outside wood into camp– this is a violation of Virginia Code.
NOISE: We want Camp Shenandoah to be a restful environment where your activities will be enjoyed by all.
Therefore, all campers should respect others by limiting noise from “lights out” at 11:00 PM to 6:00 AM in the
VEHICLES IN CAMP: The roads at Camp Shenandoah limit the operation of most vehicles with low clearance.
Vehicles will be permitted to drive to and from the designated campsite to drop equipment/gear. Unit trailers are al-
lowed to remain at the campsite along with the vehicle that pulled it.
WILDLIFE: Camp Shenandoah is over 450 acres, largely mountain forest and wilderness with a large wildlife
population. Please respect our wildlife and do not capture, touch, corner or harass any animals. Keep in mind that
having food of any type in your tent or in your campsite is an invitation for animal guests. If you encounter any
wildlife, please slowly recede from their environment. Report any dangerous wildlife to the camp office or Ranger.
You may hear a distant coyote howl late at night. Black Widow spiders have been observed. Also, there are a
variety of snakes on our property: this includes venomous Eastern Timber Rattlesnakes and Copperheads. If you
observe a snake, report it to the Ranger or Camp master. Do not attempt to capture, relocate or kill any snake. Fish-
ing at Hope Lake is catch and release, unless other arrangements are made in advance.
DRINKING WATER: There is limited access to potable water during the winter camping season (October to April).
Stewart, Coty and Gilkeson campsites are winterized and have potable water available.
ELECTRICITY: There is limited access to electricity. Campsites do not have electricity. If you need access, please
check with Camp master or Camp Ranger for availability.
TELEPHONE/CELLULAR SERVICE: There is a phone available at the Camp Office but we ask that you do not
make long distance phone calls from this phone. There is limited cellular service throughout camp available through
most providers.
GARBAGE DISPOSAL: We ask visitors to collect and maintain their own trash. You are expected to bag your own
trash and place in dumpsters off the maintenance road near the Dining Hall.
WATERFRONT: BSA units may swim in the designated areas at the waterfront with prior approval. The unit leader
must have current Aquatics Supervision Training. All BSA Safe Swim Defense rules will be followed.
WATERCRAFT: Units with prior approval may use or bring their own canoes or rent at camp, if available. The unit
leader must have current Paddle Craft Safety and Safety Afloat training and all rules must be followed. Units may
use their own watercraft if safe and properly maintained and the unit leader has current Safety Afloat Training. All
BSA Safety Afloat rules must be followed.

Cancellation Policy Back to Top

Non-BSA renters must complete a Letter of Agreement, Hold Harmless Agreement and submit a Certificate of Insurance within 30 days of making the reservations (and no less than one week before reservation). If these documents are not received by the Virginia Headwaters Council, your reservation will be canceled.