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Camp Manatoc


Directions to Camp

Main entrance located at 1075 Truxell Road. Service entrance located at 1061 Truxell Road.

Truxell Road is located off Akron-Peninsula Road aprox. 2 miles south of the Village of Peninsula.

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1075 Truxell Rd
Peninsula, Ohio 44264

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08:00 AM
11:00 PM

05:00 PM
12:00 PM

Rustic Cabin
Rustic Cabin Combos
Heated Cabin
Training Center
Primitive Campsites
Dining Hall
Ladies Bunkhouse
Program Areas
Council Ring
Restroom and Shower Facilities

Camp Use Policy Back to Top

 I understand I will need a member of the unit key 3 to print out a roster from and bring it with me (including first and last names of all unit members) with leaders and scouts highlighted of who is attending.

To review the complete list and print it out for your reference while at camp, visit (Click Here).

Camp Rules

Please scroll down and review this entire section

1. All injuries must be reported to the Administration Building and appropriate forms completed.

2. If you call 911 from a cell phone regarding an accident, please call the campmaster on duty at 330-657-2592 (Manatoc) or 330-657-2422 (Butler), or send a runner to the Manatoc Administration Building or the Butler Director’s Cabin so the campmaster can meet the rescue squad and direct them to the proper location. This will supply the campmaster with initial information concerning the accident.

3. NO liquid fuel (i.e. white gas, kerosene, etc.) or propane tanks larger than one pound are permitted in buildings for cooking purposes. Only camp stoves are permitted in buildings for cooking purposes.

4. NO heaters of any kind permitted in buildings.

5. Keep fires to a minimum.

6. Alcohol or fireworks are prohibited on the Manatoc Scout Reservation.

7. Riding in the bed of a truck or trailer on camp property is prohibited.

8. Sheath knives prohibited on the Manatoc Scout Reservation.

9. Keep off all roofs.

10. NO pets allowed on the Manatoc Scout Reservation.

11. Smoking in buildings or in front of youth is prohibited.

12. Building bed capacity MUST be adhered to. Extra cots or mattresses are not permitted.

13. Males & Females are required to use separate sleeping quarters.

14. Weekend camping is not available during June, July, or August.

15. Climbing towers and walls at Manatoc are off limits.

16. Generally, all tent camping is at Camp Butler. Overflow tent campers (when approved at Manatoc) will be charged at the appropriate tent camper rate.

17. Tent camping is not permitted on the activity field at Butler or the parade fields at both camps.

18. At Butler, only one vehicle allowed at campsite for unloading of equipment, then the vehicle must be parked in the parking lot.

19. Fishing from shoreline only.

20. 11:00 p.m. curfew. Must be in campsite after this time.

21. Any damages to facilities will be charged accordingly.  


To review the complete list and print it out for your reference while at camp, visit (Click Here).

Check In Procedure Back to Top

Unit Check-In REQUIRED at the Administration Building

Check Out Procedure Back to Top
Check out Required with the Campmaster (Administration Building)
Cancellation Policy Back to Top
Cancellation of your reservation will incur fee of $10.00 or 10% of the reservation whichever is greater. Remaining funds will be available as a credit for a future reservation. (Fees will not be "refunded", only issued as credit.)
No funds will be refunded or credited within 14 days of the activity date.
Cleaning Policy Back to Top
Units are responsible for cleaning there facilities at camp before departure. We suggest regular dish soap, it's good for the dishes, diluted you can wipe down sinks, fridges, faucets, shower stalls, and mop floors. Health Department Regulations now require all mattress must be wiped down.

Any facility (building / council ring / range / firearm / tent site) left in a condition requiring additional cleaning after your departure will result in a cleaning fee proportional with the amount of time invested being charged to your account. Prior to your next use of our facility, this debit would need to be satisfied.