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Welcome to Cascade Pacific Council's camp and facility rental system! 


This the launch of our new, online reservation system. Thank you for your feedback and patience as we continue to develop and evolve this patform.


We hope you are looking forward to your upcoming visit to our camp.  Below are a few rules of the road when using our camp properties:

Bring a roster with all youth and adults names that are in camp with you, turn into the ranger or camp host.

  • Arrival time is between 4pm and 7 pm, and departure time is 2pm.  If you plan to arrive any later than 7pm.  Please let the office know so we can communicate to the ranger on the units behalf.
  • A ranger has your itinerary and is expecting the units’ arrival.  Please check in the with ranger / host upon arrival.  Camp Ireland and Royce-Finel do not have a ranger/host on location.
  • If you are unable to attend for any reason PLEASE notify the office, 503-225-5759.
  • All vehicles need to be kept on gravel roads or in the parking lots.
  • Campfires in established fire pits only. 
  • You may bring your own firewood
  • If at Camp Meriwether, Clark, Baldwin you may also purchase firewood on-site
  • Camping in designated campsites only
  • Smoking in designated areas only
  • Pets ARE NOT allowed in camp
  • For Camp Meriwether only: there is a locked gate at the entrance of the camp.  The gate code in not included in this email as it changes regularly.  A camp host will contact you prior to your arrival and provide you with the current gate code.  In the event that you don’t receive the gate code ahead of time,   there is a call box, when pressed, will reach the walkie talkies on the rangers.
  • Camp Pioneer only:  There is a locked gate at the entrance. Call the office 503-225-5759 to get the code when you have a reservation. 
  • Camp Lewis only:  there is a gate at the top of the driveway.  The gate is kept locked for the safety of the camp.  The ranger, Bob ( who lives next to the gate), will be notified of your arrival and have the gate unlocked.  If you find it locked you can knock on his door for assistance.  There is a one hand pump in the camp for water (potiable).  Bring containers to trasport and store water in your campsite.  There is an obsitical course, human foos ball court and a ga ga pit for the units to use.
  • Camp Ireland Only:  There is a gate across the entrance to Camp Ireland.  This gate does not have a lock on it.  Please keep it closed when you are using the camp to deture unscheudled guests from entering.
  • Camp Baldwin only:  When entering the camp please stop at the ranger house to check in.  If visiting the camp in the winter months, you will be unable to drive up to your cabin/campsite.  You will have to park in the parking lot.  Camp Baldwin does have four gear sleds available in the parking lot to make transporting heavier items easier.  There is twine attached to the sleds to tow behind a person walking into the campsite. the hike in will be 300 yards – a quarter mile.  It is downhill on the way in.  Camp Baldwin has two freeze-proof spigots available for potable water.  One is located on the back side of the dining hall, and the other is at the entrance of the parking lot.  You will need containers for transporting and storing water.
  • Royce Finel only:  There is no fresh water in camp. There is a fresh water spigot located in front of the south restroom in Cullaby Lake park, Units do not have to pay the fee in that park if they have paid the Carnahan park fee and have the slip.  Units must display the car identification provided to you on the dash of all cars parked overnight.  The Park Ranger locks Carnahan Park at night with a chain across the entrance of the Bridge going into the park.  On those weekends that Scouts are camping, he will place the chain across but will leave it unlocked, in case of an Emergency for Scout Leaders. just so they don’t drive out of the park and crash into the chain.  Please make sure to re-hook the chain after entering camp.
  • Butte Creek only:  There is a ga ga pit for units to use.  There is a small lake that is stocked every spring.  You are welcome to fish in the lake.  
  • Cooper Only:  Cooper has a rustic charm!  There are “pit” toilets and not at every campsite.  There is a great nature hike to a water fall, must see!

Adirondacks and Cabins

  • Litter sweep of area
  • All fires must be out
  • Put benches back where you found them
  • sweep out outhouses and remove toilet paper
  • Turn off all water spigots
  • Turn off lights
  • Take garbage with you
  • Report any broken or damaged equipment

The Boy Scouts of America follow the general rule that things are left in better condition than they are found.  We appreciate your help cleaning up after yourself and maintaining the cleanliness of our camp.