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Cherokee Scout Reservation

Cherokee Scout Reservation
3296 Boy Scout Camp Road Yanceyville, NC 27379

Located southwest of Yanceyville, NC, Cherokee Scout Reservation offers an exciting camping experience. During the summer months, Cherokee is the home of our Boy Scout Summer Camp, it is available for weekend camping year-round. There are 14 different campsites to choose from. Each campsite has access to running water and latrines. Hot showers are available in the shower house. Programs available at Cherokee include COPE course and climbing tower, swimming, boating, shooting sports and archery.

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3296 Boy Scout Camp Road
Yanceyville, North Carolina 27379

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First-Aid Lodge

Camp Use Policy Back to Top




CSR falls under ONSC General Council policies in addition to these specific policies set forth.

Program facilities may be scheduled at the time of your reservation for a campsite. However, some areas require specifically trained personnel to operate. Council Aquatics, Shooting Sports, and Climbing Committees are responsible for assisting units with scheduling of events.

CSR is open to all units; Packs, Troops, Crews, Ships & Exploring Post. Units are limited to age appropriate activities in the guide to safe scouting. If you still have questions after reading this policy, please contact the Council office at 336-378-9166.



  • Not currently open to Cub Scouts. (Council policies under review and amendment).
  • Swimming is permitted at Tanger lake, in designated swimming areas during June - September.
  • Each unit must follow the Guide to Safe Scouting, BSA Safe Swim Defense, and Safety Afloat policies.
  • Units will bring their own marking material required under Safe Swim defense.
  • Units must provide the names of the trained leaders at the time of reservation. If that leader is not able to attend, the unit must contact the council with the new leader for verification.
  • District and Council events require BSA Aquatics Director.
  • Swimming is permitted only during daylight hours and in the designated swim area.


  • Not currently open to Cub Scouts. (Council policies currently under review and amendment).
  • Tanger lake is considered “non-moving water”.
  • Boating is permitted by Troops, Crews, Ships & Exploring post. Each unit must follow the Guide to Safe Scouting, and BSA Safety Afloat.
  • Units must provide the names of the trained leaders at the time of reservation. If that leader is not able to attend, the unit must contact the council with the new leader(s) for verification. Once qualification is verified by the council, the Camp Ranger/Campmaster will be notified the unit meets qualifications for use. If the trained leader(s) are not on site, unit will not be allowed to participate in water activities.
  • Boats must be reserved when the reservation is made. Units will contact the camp Ranger 5 days prior to confirm the reservation. Boats will be signed in & out with the Ranger/Camp Master. An inspection of the equipment will be made and if any damage is identified that is not considered “normal wear & tear”, unit will be responsible for the damage. (example: strap pulls off personal floatation device can be considered normal wear & tear. A hole/crack in the boat from being dropped is NOT consider wear & tear).
  • Boating during District and Council events require BSA Aquatics Director. 

COPE & Climbing:

  • Cub Scouts are NOT allowed to participate in Cope & Climbing activities.
  • All climbing activities are operated per the ONSC COPE & Climbing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
  • COPE & Climbing areas may only be used under the supervision of a qualified Climbing volunteer, approved by the COPE & Climbing Committee.
  • Units must complete the COPE & Climbing reservation form and submit with the Facility use form to the Council office.
  • The ONSC will forward COPE & Climbing request to the Climbing committee for approval. Committee representative will contact Unit and make arraignments for event and notify Council office of approval/disapproval.
  • No COPE & Climbing equipment will be rented to units for use outside of Council property.

Shooting Ranges:

  • All Shooting Sports programs are operated per the ONSC Shooting Sports Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
  • May only be used under the supervision of an ONSC Rangemaster.
  • Cub Scout shooting sports can only be conducted during designated District or Council events.
  • Units must complete the Shooting Sports reservation form and submit with the Facility use form to the Council office.


  • Fishing is permitted at Tanger lake (No fishing in the swimming area). All fishing is catch and release except for Scouts completing their fishing merit badge. Those Scouts may only keep 1 fish as required by the merit badge.
  • Tanger Lake is a private lake, therefore does not require a NC State fishing license.
  • Fishing from the swimming docks and boating area is not permitted.
  • Individuals that are not registered with BSA are not allowed to fish at Tanger Lake unless they are using the property as part of a Unit, District, or Council event. If a unit has requested use of CSR and has an approved facility use form, family members that are camping or visiting the unit at camp are permitted to fish.
  • Units must provide their own fishing equipment.

Buildings & campsites:

  • All building and campsites will be inspected upon arrival and departure.
  • Units are expected to clean their campsites and all buildings they use.
  • Units must notify Ranger/Campmaster of any damage or uncleaned areas upon initial inspection. If damage is found during check-out, unit will be responsible for repair, if damage is due to negligence. Ranger/Campmaster will discuss with unit and notify council of damage. Council Program Director will work with the Facility Committee Chair to determine a reasonable fee and will notify units via letter and email. Units will have 14 days from notification to settle the invoice.
  • All buildings and campsites must be cleaned before unit departure.
Check In Procedure Back to Top

Arrival and departure hours are from 7:00am to 9:00pm Monday through Saturday and 7:00am to 1:00pm on Sunday, unless special arrangements are made with the Camp Ranger.

Each unit will check – in as follows:

  • Contact Ranger at least 3 days prior to event. Dave Douglas or 336-847-9519
  • Inspect campsite and confirm with Ranger/Campmaster/Wagonmaster any issues or damage.
  • Confirm departure time and procedures with Ranger.
  • Ensure to read and follow camp policies (provided on council website).
Check Out Procedure Back to Top

Each unit will check-out as follows:

  • Ensure campsites are clean of all trash (use dumpsters or take trash with you). If you brought in material (such as bamboo for gateways or other projects) – take it with you when you leave.
  • Ensure bathrooms and any building used are cleaned.
  • Working with the Ranger/Campmaster/Wagonmaster, return any borrowed equipment to appropriate location.
  • Extinguish campfires. Ashes should be moved around to ensure there is no heat left in fire ring.
  • Confirm with Ranger/Campmaster/Wagonmaster unit is cleared from campsite.
  • Damage to any camp property will be paid for by the person responsible within 14 days past event. Failure to comply with the above regulations may result in suspension of unit camping privileges.
  • All individuals and/or groups must check out with the Ranger/Campmaster/Wagonmaster when using the facilities. During District or Council events, the event Director and Staff advisor is authorized to inspect campsites.
Cancellation Policy Back to Top

If you need to cancel your reservation please do so as quickly as possible. This will allow any other units to fill your spot.

Cleaning Policy Back to Top

A scout is CLEAN. Keep your body and mind fit. Help keep your home and community clean. Take any trash to the dumpsters. Some camps do not have a dumpster so you will need to haul your trash out of the camp.