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Hagan Sea Base

781 Scout Road Lexington, NC 27292

Provide a unique camping experience for Scouts and Explorers. Located on High Rock Lake this camp is excellent for boating, especially sailing. There is a Headquarters Building with a small meeting room and kitchen.  There are also shower facilities on site. 

781 Scout Rd
Lexington, North Carolina 27292

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07:00 AM
10:00 PM

12:00 PM
11:30 AM


Camp Use Policy Back to Top

Hagan falls under ONSC General Council policies in addition to these specific policies set forth.

Units may request certain buildings and sites during their reservation. Special training may be required depending on activities. Council Aquatics and Council Facilities committees are responsible for guidelines for property use.



  • Cub Scouts are NOT permitted to swim at Hagan.
  • Scouts, Venturers, Sea Scouts and Explorers are not allowed to swim from the shore.
  • The only swimming area will be from the dock, and all swimmers must wear personal flotation devices (pfds).
  • Units must bring the appropriate material to mark their swimming area in accordance with Safe Swim defense.


  • High Rock lake is considered “moving water” and therefore, per BSA guidelines, NOT open to Cub Scout boating.
  • No Cub Scout is allowed on the dock for any reason.
  • Boating is permitted by Troops, Crews, Ships & Exploring Post. Each unit must follow the Guide to Safe Scouting and BSA Safety Afloat.
  • Units must provide the names of the trained leaders at the time of reservation. If that leader is not able to attend, the unit must contact the council with the new leader(s) for verification. Once qualification is verified by the council, the Ranger will be notified. If the trained leader(s) are not on site, unit may not participate in water activities.


  • Fishing is permitted by all Scouts.
  • Cub Scouts may only fish from the shore. No Cub Scout is allowed to fish from the dock.
  • Fishing is not allowed from the bluffs along the walking trail between main camp and the chapel.
  • Fishing license is required per state guidelines.


Dining hall building:

  • The building has a full kitchen that can be rented.
  • The upstairs storage room is off limits.


  • There are 3 cabins on property.
  • Cabins cannot be used by Cub Scouts because they do not meet current Youth Protection guidelines.
  • Troops, Crews, Ships, and Exploring Post may use cabins following current Youth Protection guidelines.


  • Campsites are open to all Scouts.
  • Trash: All trash must be taken with you as you leave. There are no dumpsters on camp.
Check In Procedure Back to Top

Each unit will check – in as follows:

  • Contact Ranger at least 3 days prior to event. David Swicegood may be reached at 336-408-8259 or
  • Inspect campsite and confirm with Ranger/Campmaster/Wagonmaster any issues or damage.
  • Confirm departure time and procedures with Ranger.
  • Ensure to read and follow camp policies (provided on council website).
Check Out Procedure Back to Top

Each unit will check-out as follows:

  • Ensure campsites are clean of all trash (use dumpsters or take trash with you). If you brought in material (such as bamboo for gateways or other projects) – take it with you when you leave.
  • Ensure bathrooms and any building used are cleaned.
  • Working with the Ranger/Campmaster/Wagonmaster, return any borrowed equipment to appropriate location.
  • Extinguish campfires. Ashes should be moved around to ensure there is no heat left in fire ring.
  • Confirm with Ranger/Campmaster/Wagonmaster unit is cleared from campsite.
Cancellation Policy Back to Top

If you need to cancel your reservation please do so as quickly as possible. This will allow any other units to fill your spot.

Cleaning Policy Back to Top

A scout is CLEAN. Keep your body and mind fit. Help keep your home and community clean. Take any trash to the dumpsters. Some camps do not have a dumpster so you will need to haul your trash out of the camp.