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Council Service Center - CSR Traveling canoe trailer & Canoes

Canoe trailer has 8 canoes and can be picked up from Cherokee

08:00 AM
11:00 PM

Facility Amenities

Camp Use Policy Back to Top


Camping facilities and equipment of the Old North State Council (ONSC) are maintained for the express purpose of providing all youth and families with an experience in camping and enjoying God’s out of doors and the wonders of nature. Therefore, the welfare of the youth members shall be first in all matters that relate to our facilities. All users of this facility shall follow the Outdoor Code, Scout Oath and the 12 points of the Scout Law. All camping events will follow the Guide to Safe Scouting, Health and Safety Manual, Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation, Safety Afloat, Safe Swim Defense, and Boy Scout Outdoor programs guides.

Our facilities are open to all BSA registered units wishing to camp year-round (See individual Camp policy for any restrictions). There are several weekends when all council properties will be closed; Christmas, New Years, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Easter. Units may
not be able to reserve camp usage at facilities that have specific District, Council, and Summer Camp activities taking place.


Reservations are to be submitted at least ten days in advance of the desired date of use to ensure Camp Rangers have ample time to prepare camp. Reservations will be approved by the Council Program Director and will be based on first come, first serve basis excluding District or Council events. Reservations must list all facilities and/or equipment needed on permit at time of application. Programs such as Shooting Sports and COPE & Climbing require an additional program request be submitted at least 2 weeks out (approval will be based on volunteers to staff event). Units are required to contact the Council office to settle facility use/program fees no later than 14 days after event.



A. Arrival and departure hours are from 7:00am to 9:00pm Monday through Saturday and 7:00am to 1:00pm on Sunday, unless special arrangements are made with the Camp Ranger.

B. Scouts will not be allowed to use council camps without the presence of approved leadership. Units must follow current Youth Protection Standards and guidelines for adult supervision.

C. All ONSC properties are non-smoking and no pet facilities. (Service dogs are permitted with verification from Camp Ranger).

D. Fires are only permitted in provided fire rings in each campsite. Each unit must provide its own Fire Bucket for safety. Campfire must have adult supervision during all times. Do not leave a fire unattended for any reason. (Ranger may approve above ground fire pits if no fire rings are available)

E. Each unit will check – in as follows:

a. Contact Ranger at least 3 days prior to event.
b. Inspect campsite and confirm with Ranger/Campmaster/Wagonmaster any issues or damage.
c. Confirm departure time and procedures with Ranger.
d. Ensure to read and follow camp policies (provided on council website).

F. Each unit will check-out as follows:

a. Ensure campsites are clean of all trash (use dumpsters or take trash with you). If you brought in material (such as bamboo for gateways or other projects) – take it with you when you leave.
b. Ensure bathrooms and any building used are cleaned.
c. Working with the Ranger/Campmaster/Wagonmaster, return any borrowed equipment to appropriate location.
d. Extinguish campfires. Ashes should be moved around to ensure there is no heat left in fire ring.
e. Confirm with Ranger/Campmaster/Wagonmaster unit is cleared from campsite.

G. Damage to any camp property will be paid for by the person responsible within 14 days past event. Failure to comply with the above regulations may result in suspension of unit camping privileges.

H. All individuals and/or groups must check out with the Ranger/Campmaster/Wagonmaster when using the facilities. During District or Council events, the event Director and Staff advisor is authorized to inspect campsites.


A. All accidents, injuries, and unusual fires and circumstances will be reported immediately to the Camp Ranger or Representative.

B. Units or groups will bring their own First Aid Kit.

C. Adult leaders will be responsible for the control and proper use of knives, axes, and fires. (Scouts and leaders will follow knife and woods tools usage as covered in the Tot’n Chip and in the Guide to Safe Scouting).

D. Pets are not permitted. Service dogs are permitted with verification and approval of the Camp Ranger.

E. Possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages and/or illegal drugs, and anyone under the influence of these items are strictly prohibited. The violator and his/her entire group will be expelled from camp property.

F. Fireworks and flaming arrows are not permitted on properties during Unit, District, or Council events.

G. No personal firearms are allowed at Woodfield Scout Reservation, Charles T. Hagan Sea Scout Base, or Hemric Reservation. Council firearms are used for all shooting programs at CSR. No personal firearms are allowed at CSR unless approved by the Council office or
Rangemaster for the event. Any personal firearm approved for use on CSR must be supervised by the Rangemaster.

H. Closed – Toed Shoes must be worn at all times except in the aquatic area and in the showers.

I. Speed limit of vehicles is 10 mph on all roads

J. All vehicles must be parked in the approved parking areas. Units may park trailers in the campsite, depending on ground moisture. Families may park their vehicles along the road to unload and load but must NOT drive into the campsite or on any grassy area.

K. Under no circumstances is anyone to be transported in the back of trucks or trailers.

L. Motor vehicles are not permitted on trails or in camping areas.

M. Golf carts are permitted under the current Golf cart policy.

N. Water is to be secured from approved locations only. Check with Camp Ranger.

O. Liquid fuel is permitted for cook stoves and lanterns (refer to the Council Liquid Fuels Policy before using liquid fuels)

P. No activities will take place on or around any body of water during or after heavy rains, during flash flood watch, or when ice is present.


A. The Camp Ranger, Wagonmaster, Campmaster, Camp Director, or Council professional staff has the responsibility and authority to expel any person or persons misusing camp property or violating camp policies. Rangemasters and Climbing Leads may stop or remove
any participant from their programs for safety reasons.

B. Units are requested to perform a conservation or maintenance project while in camp. Projects and equipment will be furnished by the Camp Ranger, Wagonmaster, or Campmaster.

C. WSP has blue poles marking the boundaries between camp and water shed. During usage, all personnel are directed to remain on WSP side of poles.

D. Be conservation minded. Leave the area better than you found it. Protect wildlife and vegetation so that others may enjoy it.

E. Protect all timber. Only DEAD WOOD will be cut.

F. Report any repairs to the Camp Ranger.

G. Operation of Council-Owned vehicles is limited to the Camp Ranger and designated individuals as approved by the Camp Ranger or Camp Director.

H. ATVs, UTVs, or other off-road vehicles are not permitted on council property except for the Ranger UTV. Additional UTV may be operated on camp property with approval of Camp Ranger or Camp Director based on work service provided by volunteers. Golf carts
are permitted under the current Golf cart policy.

I. All properties are wildlife refuges. Hunting and trapping are prohibited. All fishing is catch and release. (Current NC Wildlife Game Land agreement under review).

J. Travel trailers, tent trailers, and motor homes are not part of Scout camping, and will not be used as part of a unit camping experience on property.

K. Donations of any kind for camp are to be approved by the Scout Executive or Program Director before they are picked up or left at camp.

L. No additions or changes will be made to camp properties or buildings without the approval of the Council Camping Committee and/or Properties Committee.

M. Use of camp equipment may be requested through the professional advisor by permit for District and Council functions. Units may request usage of equipment based on approved fees.

IV. Additional Remarks

All issues and usage for property managed by ONSC are the responsibility of the Council Facility & Properties Committee.

Questions, comments, or concerns with current policy should be addressed to this committee through the Council Program Director.

Any program on council properties will fall under the committee with qualified volunteers. These programs include Aquatics, Shooting Sports, COPE & Climbing, and Boy Scout/Cub Scout camping committees. Each committee will monitor National BSA policy updates and update
Council policies as needed. Some policies may change without notice.

Camp Rangers have ultimate authority on property. If a unit is seen violating these policies, and camp specific policies, the unit or individuals will be asked to leave property. At such time, the Ranger will contact the council Program Director for further requirements.

In addition to this General policy, please ensure to read the property specific policies that also apply.
Approved by ONSC Facility & Properties Committee on ___10/15/2018_________________

Check In Procedure Back to Top

One trailer is stored at Camp Cherokee, the second is stored at Hagan Sea Base. Please contact the council office for availability of the canoe trailers and to submit the trailer deposit.

Check Out Procedure Back to Top

One trailer is stored at Camp Cherokee, the second is stored at Hagan Sea Base. Please contact the council office for availability of the canoe trailers and to submit the trailer deposit.

Cancellation Policy Back to Top

If you need to cancel your reservation please do so as quickly as possible. This will allow any other units to fill your spot.

Cleaning Policy Back to Top

A scout is CLEAN. Keep your body and mind fit. Help keep your home and community clean. Take any trash to the dumpsters. Some camps do not have a dumpster so you will need to haul your trash out of the camp.